Template:R from song

When used with the "Redirect category shell" (Rcat shell) template:

Template {{Redirect category shell}} may be used to add one or more rcat templates, along with their parameters and categories, to a redirect. For more information see the documentation page below.

When used by itself:

  • From a song: This is a redirect from a song title to a more general, relevant article such as an album, film or artist where the song is mentioned. Redirecting to the specific album or film in which the song appears is preferable to redirecting to the artist when possible.
    • There is consensus that the majority of songs do not meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines. Songs should only have an individual article when there is enough material to warrant a detailed article.
    • For redirects of cover songs to the article about the original song, use {{R from cover song}} instead.
    • For redirects of remixes to the article about the original song, use {{R from remix}} instead.

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