Title 1 of the Code of Federal Regulations

Title 1 of the Code of Federal Regulations (1 CFR), titled General Provisions, is a United States federal government regulation.

Title 1 comprises one volume, further divided into four chapters. As of the revision of January 1, 2012, the Title includes regulations on the Administrative Committee of the Federal Register (1 CFR Parts 1-22) and the Office of the Federal Register (1 CFR Parts 51), which are responsible for preparing the Federal Register and associated publications, including the Code of Federal Regulations. The Title also codifies regulations for the Administrative Conference of the United States (1 CFR Parts 300-04), the President's Commission on White House Fellowships (1 CFR 425), the National Capital Planning Commission (1 CFR 455-457), and the National Commission for Employment Policy (1 CFR 500).[1]

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