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Qwiki was a New York City–based startup automated video production company acquired by Yahoo! on July 2, 2013 for a reported $50 million.[1] Qwiki released an iPhone app that automatically turns the pictures and videos from a user's camera roll into movies to share. The company's initial product, an iPad application that created video summaries of over 3 million search terms, was downloaded more than 3 million times and named by Apple as the best "Search and Reference" application of 2011.

After integrating this technology in the Bing search engine and launching video creation tools for major publishers in cooperation with ABC News, the company launched Qwiki for iPhone, which received Apple's Editor's Choice and was mentioned as an Honoree in the 2013 Webby's in two categories. Time Inc. named Qwiki one of “10 NYC Startups to Watch” for 2013.[2] The company's investors included cofounders of Facebook, YouTube and Groupon. After a meeting between Doug Imbruce and Marissa Mayer, the company was acquired for $50 million.[3] Imbruce was the Co-founder and CEO of Qwiki. The company's other Co-founder was Louis Monier, inventor of the Altavista search engine.

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