Much of America is divided by invisible lines of rich and poor
Stuck on the spinng wheel of doom? Five ways to Force Quit an app in #MacOS
Robotic suitcase can be summoned and GPS located
At 'cocks not glocks' protest, students carry sex toys instead of guns
The 'We Don't Care' bathroom signs we have been waiting for
Fitness band face-off: Fitbit wins in court against Jawbone, fight likely to continue
NASA Will Join Starfleet at 'Star Trek: Mission New York' NASA astronauts, scientists and engineers will join "Star Trek" actors at the Star Trek: Mission New York convention on Labor Day weekend for a series of talks about alien planets, the franchise's influence on space-age technology and how to make first contact.
Proxima b By the Numbers: Possibly Earth-Like World at the Next Star Over The newfound exoplanet, aptly named Proxima b, lies within the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri and is believed to have a suitable surface temperature that would allow for the presence of liquid water. Evidence of Proxima b was found using ESO telescopes mounted at the La Silla Observatory in Chile, ...
#smartphone speech recognition can text 3 times faster than you can type
Titled Etnias this Brazilian work has the record for largest spray paint mural by a team:
'Touch Disease' Is the Latest Flaw Killing iPhones - Gizmodo Gizmodo'Touch Disease' Is the Latest Flaw Killing iPhonesGizmodoIf a new report is true, your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus might have an expiration date unrelated to failing batteries or outdated tech. Some users report that over time the touchscreen on these iPhone models becomes unresponsive, and that, eventually, a ...Apple ...
Nikon’s global photo contest grows with new options for young photographers
Falling Revenue, Disappointing Outlook Cut Into HP Stock - Forbes ForbesFalling Revenue, Disappointing Outlook Cut Into HP StockForbesSelling printers and PCs isn't exactly the exciting side of the tech sector these days, and even though HP Inc beat Wall Street expectations with its quarterly results Wednesday its stock fell more than 5% after hours. HP CEO Dion Weisler (Photo by ...
The First Pics of Earth From the Moon Would Be Lost if Not for 3 People and an Old McDonald's History and fries.
Before an Apollo-era NASA could launch a few humans on top of a rocket and plop them down on the Moon, it needed to find safe places to land.
It's here! The first star of the #GWRGamers 2017 book is the #Batman suit with 23 gadgets >
Three Eagles trending upward and three more on the way down - Allentown Morning Call (blog) Allentown Morning Call (blog)Three Eagles trending upward and three more on the way downAllentown Morning Call (blog)NFL rosters have to be reduced to a maximum of 75 players in less than a week. And even though the Eagles have already made numerous trims, there are still many final evaluations that ...
Most Functional Gadgets In A Cosplay Suit Real-life Batman invents record-breaking cosplay suit. Watch more ->

Revealed! The first star of our #GWRgamers 2017 book. Inspired by the Batman Arkham series, special effects expert Julian Checkley created this ingenious gadget-packed outfit straight from the dark streets of Gotham 🎮
The release of the GWR book is on every kids radar, but now teachers will love it too
Samsung Galaxy Note7 Review: A great (very expensive) phone - Android Police Android PoliceSamsung Galaxy Note7 Review: A great (very expensive) phoneAndroid PoliceA few years ago, Samsung was not known for making phones that looked nice. Oh, Samsung made popular phones, but no one swooned over them. That started to change after the sour reception Samsung got with the Galaxy S5. It ...
AP EXPLAINS: Difference between shallow, deep earthquakes LOS ANGELES (AP) — A strong earthquake rocks Italy, flattening towns and killing scores of people. An even bigger quake hits Myanmar the same day, killing a few people and shattering ancient Buddhist pagodas.
Check out these trending ankara styles - NAIJ.COM NAIJ.COMCheck out these trending ankara stylesNAIJ.COMThe wrap dress is one of those pieces that is timeless, that is why its a wardrobe staple and it never goes out of trend. The ankara wrap dress is now trending and even our Nigerian celebrities have started rocking the ankara wrap dress. This ...
Scientists Have Uncovered a New Family Link in a Rare Form of Cancer Even low-risk genes add up after a while.
Scientists have spotted new links between certain gene mutations in the body and the risk of developing cancer, even in genes only loosely associated with the disease.
CONFIRMED: An Earth-Like Planet Has Been Found in Our Closest Neighbouring Star System Woo!
European Southern Observatory (ESO) officials have finally confirmed that they have discovered a new exoplanet candidate named Proxima b inside the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri - a red dwarf star in our closest neighbouring star system, Alpha...
Watch Legends of Gaming stars Ali-A and Syndicate battle it out for Call of Duty record YouTube gaming stars Ali-A and The Syndicate Project vs Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 🎮💪

Check out the story for an entry discount for Legends of Gaming where we'll be challenging gamers to take on world records!
An intense record attempt featuring two of YouTube’s biggest gaming stars has ...
The woman who says that it's not only men who like to look
European Consortium to Demonstrate EColoRO Concept for Wastewater Reuse in the Textile Industry New technology slashes both water consumption and costs using environmentally responsible techniques.
We need YOUR help! Visit and vote for the next stop on our #FindYourPark road trip.
'Robocall' crackdown effort unites tech giants Google, AT&T and Apple - Headlines & Global News Headlines & Global News'Robocall' crackdown effort unites tech giants Google, AT&T and AppleHeadlines & Global NewsTechnology and communications giant like Google, AT&T and Apple along with other 30 major companies recently announced that they are participating with the US government's efforts to crack down "robocalls,' automated and pre-recorded calls that ...
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