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The Gadget Show

Top 5 Smartphones of 2014 - The Gadget Show
Top 5 Smartphones of 2014 - The Gadget ShowJon runs down our favourite handsets 2014 has had to offer!From:The Gadget ShowViews:731196ratingsTime:02:39More inScience & Technology
- 26 Jan 15, 1:02am -
Best Gadget of 2014 - The Gadget Show
Best Gadget of 2014 - The Gadget ShowJon reveals our favourite gadget of 2014!From:The Gadget ShowViews:572383ratingsTime:00:53More inScience & Technology
- 24 Jan 15, 11:44am -
Top 5 Gaming Hardware of 2014 - The Gadget Show
Top 5 Gaming Hardware of 2014 - The Gadget ShowJon counts down the gaming hardware that has excited us this year!From:The Gadget ShowViews:621988ratingsTime:02:31More inScience & Technology
- 24 Jan 15, 8:55am -
Bowers & Wilkins T7 Review - The Gadget Show
Bowers & Wilkins T7 Review - The Gadget ShowIs the Bowers & Wilkins T7 the best Bluetooth speaker ever made? We definitely think it's a contender, watch our review to find out why.....From:The Gadget ShowViews:325521ratingsTime:02:37More…
- 23 Jan 15, 6:22am -
Series 20 - Episode 14 Teaser
Series 20 - Episode 14 TeaserIn next week's edition of The Gadget Show we've got another hour crammed full of all the must have tech including a run down of the best games this year has ...From:The Gadget ShowViews:165414ratingsTime:02:10…
- 22 Jan 15, 3:14pm -
Top 5 TV Tech of 2014 - The Gadget Show
Top 5 TV Tech of 2014 - The Gadget ShowJon shows off the Gadget Show's favourite TV tech of 2014!From:The Gadget ShowViews:279148ratingsTime:01:52More inScience & Technology
- 22 Jan 15, 12:00am -
Top 5 Tablets of 2014 - The Gadget Show
Top 5 Tablets of 2014 - The Gadget ShowIt's that time of the year again when we run down our favourite tech the year has had to offer. First up, tablets! Jon shows off our favourites that 2014 has...From:The Gadget ShowViews:479668ratingsT…
- 21 Jan 15, 4:39pm -
Top 5 Computing of 2014 - The Gadget Show
Top 5 Computing of 2014 - The Gadget ShowJon runs down our favourite laptops, desktops and computing gadgets of 2014!From:The Gadget ShowViews:467975ratingsTime:02:36More inScience & Technology
- 21 Jan 15, 5:42am -
Top 5 Games of 2014 - The Gadget Show
Top 5 Games of 2014 - The Gadget ShowJon showcases our favourite games of the year!From:The Gadget ShowViews:280062ratingsTime:02:29More inScience & Technology
- 21 Jan 15, 5:36am -
Top 5 Phablets of 2014 - The Gadget Show
Top 5 Phablets of 2014 - The Gadget ShowJon counts down our favourite large form factor smartphones of 2014!From:The Gadget ShowViews:383163ratingsTime:03:00More inScience & Technology
- 19 Jan 15, 9:24am -
Gadget Digest 28th November 2014
Gadget Digest 28th November 2014Plenty of the major tech players have been pretty quiet this past week, but we've still seen some brilliantly innovative gadgets hit the news. Check them all...From:The Gadget ShowViews:183219ratingsTime:03…
- 13 Jan 15, 1:18am -
Series 20: Episode 13 - Teaser
Series 20: Episode 13 - TeaserNext week we're getting festive in our Christmas special! Tune in Monday 8th December, 7pm on Channel 5....From:The Gadget ShowViews:154410ratingsTime:01:47More inScience & Technology
- 13 Jan 15, 1:18am -

Just Gadgets

  • newFollow these 5 steps to keep yourself safe from hackers
    No matter how secure you think your devices are, someone could access your data if they put their mind to it. It's just the reality of the Information Age, but you should still do everything in your power to make yourself less of a target for hack…
    - 19 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 6:22pm -
  • newOne of the best accounts of what it was like to work with Steve Jobs
    Ever since his death in 2011, we've heard lots of different accounts of what it was really like to work with Steve Jobs . One of the best ones was actually written very shortly after his death but is becoming popular again after being discovered by a…
    - 20 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 5:32pm -
  • new10 of the best closing shots in movie history
    On Wednesday, we shared a video that showed us what it would be like if movies ended as soon as one of the characters said the title . It was genuinely funny, but it got us thinking — what are some of the best endings in movie history? Naturally, t…
    - 21 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 4:42pm -
  • new20 paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free right now
    This week has been packed full of huge lists of paid  iPhone  and  iPad apps on sale for free, so there's no better way to close it out than by publishing our longest list of al time. We've got 20 new premium iOS apps for you today that are all…
    - 22 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 3:27pm -
  • Apple Music lets Android users do something you can’t do on your iPhone
    It's probably fair to assume that a majority of Apple Music's 15 million+ subscribers own an iPhone or an iPad, but users of the Android app are getting something that iOS users will almost certainly never see: SD card support. DON'T MISS:  Dollars…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 6:34pm -
  • 13 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today
    Yesterday's list of paid  iPhone  and  iPad apps on sale for free was our biggest of the week, but it was also one of our best thanks to the great apps we found. In fact, a bunch of them are still free downloads, so go and see for yourself . Toda…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 5:42pm -
  • Wild new theory says Earth may actually be two different planets
    A new theory says Earth is made of two planets, rather than just one. Apparently, our planet is the result of a collision that helped map the course of both Earth as we know it and the moon. DON’T MISS: Fresh iPad Air 3 leak reveals more details ab…
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 10:55pm -
  • What happens on the Internet in one minute?
    The Internet is an amazing place that gets both better and worse every minute. The web is advancing at a rapid rate, with newly created content generating massive amounts of traffic for an audience that’s also steadily increasing. Currently, there…
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 10:20pm -
  • Explained: Why your iPhone 6s keeps dying suddenly, and how to fix it
    In the grand scheme of things, Apple's iPhone and iPad device lineup is remarkably stable. No computer is free of all bugs and no computer ever will be completely free of issues, but iOS has become quite stable in recent years — which is much appr…
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 5:22pm -
  • 15 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now
    Behold, the biggest list of paid  iPhone  and  iPad apps on sale for free that we'll run this week. Yesterday's post got plenty of traction and several of the apps contained within are still free downloads if you grab them right now . We're keep…
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 4:36pm -
  • 11 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today
    Our regular column on paid  iPhone  and  iPad apps on sale for free continues to be some of the most popular content we publish each day. Why? Because if there's one thing people love more than new iOS apps, it's new premium iOS apps they don't h…
    - 4 days ago 2 Feb 16, 3:47pm -
  • It looks like Apple’s spring event is taking place on March 15th
    While we still don't know for sure when Apple will have its big spring product launch, a report from the reliable Mark Gurman says that the company is looking to have its special press event on March 15th. Gurman cautions that this date could still c…
    - 4 days ago 2 Feb 16, 2:07pm -
  • BlackBerry exec: ‘The future is really Android’
    Yes, it's really time to start digging a grave for BlackBerry 10 . In an interview with India's The Economic Times , BlackBerry exec Damian Tay explained that "the future is really Android" and said that the company may completely ditch its own Bla…
    - 4 days ago 2 Feb 16, 2:50am -
  • The Super Bowl's most memorable trick plays

    The Super Bowl's most memorable trick plays

    The appetite for gadgets and gimmicks at the Super Bowl is typically low. Surprising the other team with a safety blitz or deep pass, sure, but the risk of true trickery can often seem too steep with a title on the line.
    - 5 days ago 1 Feb 16, 8:18pm -
  • 12 paid iPhone apps that are free downloads for a limited time
    As far as paid  iPhone  and  iPad apps on sale for free go, today's posts is one of the best ones we've run in quite some time. Not only are there a healthy number of apps on today's list — 12 in total — but they span a wide range of genres s…
    - 5 days ago 1 Feb 16, 3:56pm -
  • Fresh iPad Air 3 leak reveals more details about Apple’s most exciting tablet in years
    Apple's November launch of the iPad Pro didn't really do much to alleviate slumping iPad sales. In fact, Apple's most recent earnings report revealed that year over year iPad sales were down 25% while iPad-based revenue was down 21% year over year.…
    - 5 days ago 1 Feb 16, 1:49pm -
  • BlackBerry wins approval to expand share buyback program

    BlackBerry wins approval to expand share buyback program

    BlackBerry Ltd has received approval from the Toronto Stock Exchange to more than double its existing share buyback program and repurchase up to 5.8 percent of its public float, the smartphone maker said on Friday. The approval will allow the Waterlo…
    - 8 days ago 29 Jan 16, 3:59pm -
  • Image of Asia: The disorienting view of virtual reality

    Image of Asia: The disorienting view of virtual reality

    In this photo by Wally Santana, a video game player experiences a virtual reality headset at the Taipei Game Show in Taiwan, which attracted more than 130 game companies and gaming teams from 24 countries. The companies unveiled their latest games an…
    - 8 days ago 29 Jan 16, 11:21am -
  • Report claims Tesla’s game-changing Model 3 will be unveiled in March
    All of a sudden, it looks like Apple's March product launch event won't be the most exciting one in the tech world. Seth Weintraub is reporting that Tesla is planning to announce two new cars at an event this coming March and it sounds like both of…
    - 9 days ago 28 Jan 16, 7:42pm -
  • Tesla is reportedly planning to unveil two new cars in March
    All of a sudden, it looks like Apple's March product launch event won't be the most exciting one in the tech world. Seth Weintraub is reporting that Tesla is planning to announce two new cars at an event this coming March and it sounds like both of…
    - 9 days ago 28 Jan 16, 7:42pm -
  • Hot iPad Air 3 rumor might make you care about tablets again
    When was the last time you really cared about tablets? If you're like me, it was probably around the time that Apple unveiled its third-generation iPad that had a Retina display. That was all the way back in 2012 . Ever since then, despite the releas…
    - 9 days ago 28 Jan 16, 5:13pm -
  • 15 paid iPhone apps on sale for free for a limited time
    Behold: our biggest list of paid  iPhone  and  iPad apps on sale for free of the week. There were so many solid applications being discounted today that we had trouble narrowing things down, so we included a whopping 15 apps in today's post. If y…
    - 9 days ago 28 Jan 16, 3:33pm -
  • Samsung Elec warns of difficult 2016 as smartphone troubles spread

    Samsung Elec warns of difficult 2016 as smartphone troubles spread

    By Se Young Lee SEOUL (Reuters) - Tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd warned on Thursday of possible weaker earnings this year due to softer sales of gadgets such as smartphones, a trend that is also hurting rival Apple Inc and major chipmakers. Th…
    - 9 days ago 28 Jan 16, 8:28am -
  • Report reveals everything Apple will unveil at its upcoming March event
    Apple is going to have a big event in March to roll out some new products, but it looks like those products won't include the next-generation Apple Watch.  9to5Mac's Mark Gurman has written a new report that confirms everything we'll see at Apple's…
    - 10 days ago 27 Jan 16, 9:24pm -
  • 12 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now
    Apple's record holiday-quarter earnings weren't enough to get investors excited , so maybe this batch of paid  iPhone  and  iPad apps on sale for free will do the trick. We've got a hardy helping of 12 apps on today's list and there's no telling…
    - 10 days ago 27 Jan 16, 5:18pm -
  • Will Apple finally reveal Apple Watch sales figures today?
    Tim Cook, and Apple executives in general, simply love numbers. Curious about how many iPhones Apple sold during a launch weekend? They'll tell you. Wonder how much faster the A9 processor is compared to its predecessor? Not to worry, Phil Schiller h…
    - 11 days ago 26 Jan 16, 8:25pm -
  • Google Glass Goes Dark on Its Social Media Accounts

    Google Glass Goes Dark on Its Social Media Accounts

    Four years after unveiling its wearable glass headset, Alphabet Inc’s Google shut down several social media accounts linked to the Glass gadget, ending its push to popularize the pricey eyeglasses with consumers.
    - 11 days ago 26 Jan 16, 7:21pm -

Geeks & Gadgets

  • newGeeky Gadgets Deals Of The Week, 6th February 2016
    There have been some awesome deals in our deals store this week so it is time for our weekly round up of the most popular gadgets, gear, software and more that has been available. So of the most popular deals in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store this we…
    - 1 hour ago 6 Feb 16, 12:00pm -
  • newGoSafe 260 Full-HD Dashcam, Save 15%
    The GoSafe 260 Full-HD Dashcam is the ideal accessory for your car, it lets you record video whilst you are driving which can be useful if your have an accident. We have a great deal on the GoSafe 260 Full-HD Dashcam in our deals store, it normally…
    - 21 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 4:00pm -
  • newBungie Details New February Destiny 2.1.1 Update Including New Damage Referee
    The next update for the hugely popular Destiny game will be making its arrival as on February 9th as update 2.1.1 and brings with it a wealth of new tweaks, enhancements and features for Destiny players to enjoy. Beni explains that there is somethin…
    - 22 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 3:15pm -
  • newSharp May Go For Foxconn Deal Over Others
    Foxconn are looking to buy Sharp, there are also other interested buyers in the company which includes a government takeover. Sharp has now revealed that they are leaning towards the deal with Foxconn, the company is well known for building Apple’…
    - 23 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 2:46pm -
  • newRobot Golfer Scores A Hole In One (Video)
    There are quite a few things that robots appear to be better at than humans and now it looks like robots are good at golf. A robot golfer called LDRIC managed to score a hole in one at the 13th hole, which was a par 3 and the 2016 Waste Management P…
    - 23 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 2:05pm -
  • newThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Gameplay (video)
    Gamers interested in the The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD game might be pleased to know that the team over at Eurogamer has published a new video providing a look at 35 minutes of gameplay from the new title. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight P…
    - 24 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 1:35pm -
  • Sony Xperia Z5 Android Marshmallow Updates Start Rolling Out
    It looks like Sony has started rolling out the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update to tehir Sony Xperia Z5 smartphones. Owners of the Xperia Z5 in Turkey have apparently started to receive the Android Marshmallow update and it should be landing in more c…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 1:18pm -
  • Smart Shoot Smartphone Video Capture Robot (video)
    If you are looking for a way to capture video on your smartphone you might be interested in a new smartphone camera recording robot called the Smart Shoot which has been created to provide an easy way of hands-free recording without missing out on t…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 1:13pm -
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Story Trailer, I Am Faith Released, Open Beta Registration Starts (video)
    Gamers looking forward to the launch of the new Mirror’s Edge game later this year after suffering a few dalays along the way, are sure to enjoy this new story teaser trailer released by EA The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst game will be officially laun…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 12:59pm -
  • LG G5 Cases Turn Up On Amazon, Show Handsets Design
    The new LG G5is expected to come with a different design to the G4, LG will apparently use a metal casing on the new handset. Now some cases for the new LG G5 have appeared on Amazon and they give us an idea of the new design of LG’s latest flagsh…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 12:44pm -
  • Stainless Steel 3D Printed Bike Created By Dutch Students (video)
    A team of students from TU Delft in the Netherlands have created a very unique bike in the form of the Arc Bicycle which takes the form of a stainless steel 3D printed bike that weighs roughly 12kg. The fully functional 3D printed stainless steel bi…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 12:31pm -
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Training, Save 96%
    Today’s Geeky Gadgets Deal is Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Training with 96% off. The Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Training normally retails for $1,495 and you can get it for just $49.99 with Geeky…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 12:23pm -
  • 2016 Samsung Galaxy J5 And Galaxy J7 Appear In Bluetooth SIG
    Samsung are expected to launch their 2016 Samsung Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 smartphones later this year, the original devices launched in June of last year. We have already seen some benchmarks of the new Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 and now both handsets…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 12:14pm -
  • BBC iPlayer iOS App Update Enables Home Screen Searching
    The BBC has this week released a new update for their BBC iPlayer iOS application that brings with it a number of new tweaks, enhancements and features, one of which includes the addition of Spotlight search. The new Spotlight support now enables iO…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 12:12pm -
  • Audi RS Q3 Performance Comes With 367 HP
    Audi has announced a new performance version of their Q3 SUV, the Audi RS Q3 Performance and it comes with 367 HP. The Audi RS Q3 Performance features a 2.5 litre TFSIO enfine and it comes with 465 Nm of torque and 367 horsepower. The premium brand…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 11:45am -
  • Positionable Leather Smartphone Stand Hits Kickstarter (video)
    Smartphone owners looking for a neat and convenient way to view the screen on their smartphone may be interested in a new bendable and positionable level stand that has been created by Distil Union. The Stanley smartphone stand allows it to accommod…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 11:44am -
  • Rumor Claims 2017 Nissan Armada will be based on the Patrol
    In the States, the full-size Nissan SUV that has been available since Nissan has offered a full-size SUV is the Armada. The current Armada rides on the exact same platform as the Nissan Titan truck. Outside the US, Nissan has offered another SUV cal…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 11:38am -
  • United Nations Says Julian Assange Was Arbitrarily Detained
    The United Nations has ruled that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was ‘arbitrarily detained’ in the UK, Mr Assange has been held up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK since 2012. Julian Assange complained to the United Nations Working Group in…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 11:17am -
  • PiAngle Raspberry Pi Zero Module Adds USB Power And 4 Port Hub (video)
    Sean Hodgins has created a new add-on module for the Raspberry Pi Zero mini PC which once connected using easy plug and play support and is a four port USB hub that connects directly to the USB micro connection on the Pi Zero mini PC. No soldering i…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 11:15am -
  • Apple Commences Screen Protector Installation Program to Japan Retail Stores
    According to a new report, Apple has started iPhone screen protector installation program in Japan, in partnership with Belkin. Apple iPhone users can drop by their nearest Apple Store and get the Belkin screen protector professionally installed o…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 10:33am -
  • Latest The Division Trailer Explains Skill System (video)
    A new trailer for the upcoming Tom Clancy’s The Division game has been released this week providing more details on the skill system that is integrated into the game for players to enjoy. As you progress through the game you can customise upgrade…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 10:32am -
  • New BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Tablet Designed To Replace Your Desktop
    Ubuntu and BQ have this week announced the imminent launch of a new Ubuntu tablet which will take the form of the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition, and will be the very first hardware to offer an Ubuntu convergent experience. The Aquaris M10 Ubuntu tablet…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 10:31am -
  • Huawei GX8 Launched In The US
    Huawei has launched another new smartphone in the US, the Huawei GX8, the device was made official at CES in January. The handset is now available from Amazon in the US for $349.99 unlocked, it comes in three colors, Mystic Champagne, Horizontal Gol…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 10:14am -
  • Apple Pay Supported By Over 2 Million Retail Locations
    Apple’s new Apple Pay service is now accepted at over 2 million retail locations around the world, the company has confirmed with merchants such as Chick-fil-A, Au Bon Pain and Crate & Barrel now accepting the Apple Pay service throughout their st…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 10:05am -
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 And Galaxy S7 Edge Appear At The FCC
    Samsung’s new flagship devices will be unveiled at MWC 2016 and now the two devices, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge have appeared at the FCC. Samsung will announce the two devices at their Samsung Unpacked 2016 event at Mobile World Cong…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 9:55am -
  • Firefox OS For Smartphones Version 2.6 Will Be The Last Released Announces Mozilla
    Mozilla has today sent out an email to developers announcing that they will no longer be developing Firefox OS for smartphones after version 2.6 has been released. As well as announcing the end of Firefox OS for smartphones, Mozilla also announced c…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 9:45am -
  • You Can Now Summon The Tesla Model S Using An Apple Watch (Video)
    When Tesla updated their software recently for their Model Sto version 7.1, which came with the new Autopilot feature, they also included a summon feature in the update. The summon feature for the Tesla Model S that allows you to summon your vehicle…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 9:40am -
  • T-Mobile LG G4 Gets Android Marshmallow via LG Bridge
    LG G4 has received the Android Marshmallow update in several countries, including some carriers as well globally. Sprint has already released the Android Marshmallow update for the LG G4, but if you’re tied to T-Mobile, there’s some good news fo…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 9:29am -
  • DIY Pipboy 3000 MKVI With 3D Printed Case And Powered By Raspberry Pi (video)
    Fallout fans that were unfortunate not to be able to get their hands on the limited edition Pipboy version of the game, but would still like to be able to wear one. Maybe interested in a new tutorial that explains how to make your very own DIY Pipbo…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 9:24am -
  • Huawei Honor 5X Lands In The UK For £189.99
    The Huawei Honor 5X recently launched in the US and now the device is also available in the UK for £189.99. The handset is available in three colors, Grey, Silver and Gold and it is available direct from Huawei’s online store. The handsets comes…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 9:12am -
  • iPhone 5SE Could Be A Good Bet For Apple
    Apple is rumored to launch a new 4 inch iPhone next month, the iPhone 5SE and this could actually be a good move for Apple. According to a recent report by Mixpanel, around a third of current iPhone users are actually using a 4 inch iPhone. Out of a…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 8:55am -
  • DOOM Launch Date Confirmed As May 13th, New Campaign Trailer Released (video)
    Bethesda Softworks has today released a new trailer for its upcoming DOOM game providing more information about the campaign that will be included in the game which is now set to launch later this year on March 13th, 2016. DOOM will be launching on…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 8:51am -
  • More Details On Zelda: Twilight Princess HD
    Zelda fans will be pleased to hear about more details concerning Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. It looks like aside from the amiibo dungeon for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, Nintendo will also introduce inventory management to the title.…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 8:45am -
  • Microsoft Lumia 650 Will Cost €220, More Press Shots Leaked
    We have already seen a number of press photos of the new Microsoft Lumia 650 smartphone and now we have some more, we also have some details on how much the device will retail for. The device will apparently retail for €220 Euros in Europe, Micros…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 8:36am -
  • Android Wear Update Brings Voice Support, New Gestures And More
    Google has released a new version of Android Wear and the updated software brings a range of new features to Android Wear. One of the new features is speaker support, which means you can make and take calls from your wrist on supported devices. The…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 8:09am -
  • Taylor Swift and Glu Mobile are making a game together
    Taylor Swift has conquered music and now she wants to do the same with our smartphone displays. Game publisher Glu Mobile has announced the development of a new game in partnership with the star. Apparently this won’t be a mere one-off cash grab,…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 7:55am -
  • Apple’s iPhone Trade In Program To Take Damaged Devices
    Apple is apparently getting ready to make some changes to its iPhone trade in program, at the moment you have to have a fully working iPhone in good condition to trade it in against a new device. According to a recent report, Apple will update its i…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 7:28am -
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Limited Edition PS4 Bundle Launching April 27th
    To celebrate the launch of the upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End game on PlayStation 4, Sony has this week unveiled a new bundle that will be available to purchase from April 27th onwards and includes a Limited Edition 1TB PS4 in Gray Blue featu…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 7:17am -
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 To Have Improved Battery Life Over S6
    We have heard a lot of specifications on the new Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone and now we have some details on the handsets battery life. The Galaxy S7 will comer with improved battery life over the Galaxy S6, the news comes from Eldar Murtazin who h…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 6:38am -
  • Glow Play LED Lightbulb With Bluetooth Speaker, Save 50%
    Today’s Geeky Gadgets Deal is a Glow Play LED Lightbulb With Bluetooth Speaker, not only does this cool Bluetooth device light up your home it also allows you to play music through it from your smartphone or tablet. The Glow Play LED Lightbulb Wit…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 3:50pm -
  • Connected Sleeve Wireless Smartphone Charger (video)
    French designer company De Rigueur has created a new wireless smartphone charger called the Connected Sleeve, that has been created to provide a stylish and luxurious way to keep your smartphone topped up with juice whilst away from the grid. The Co…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 3:34pm -
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 And A7 Launching In India
    The Samsung Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 were launched last year and now Samsung is launching the two handsets in India. Samsung will start selling these two new Android smartphones in India on the 15th of February, the Galaxy A5 will retail for INR 29,4…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 3:17pm -
  • Phase One A-series IQ3 100 Megapixel Camera Priced At $56,000 Starts Shipping
    Phase One has this week announced the start of shipping for its new A-series IQ3 100MP medium format camera which has been developed in partnership with ALPA. The 100 megapixel A-series IQ3 expands the ALPA platformAnd is supported by the Phase One…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 3:13pm -
  • BlackBerry Priv Lands In Australia
    BlackBerry has announced that their BlackBerry Priv smartphone is now available in Australia, the handset is being sold through mobile carrier Optus. The device is the company’s first Android smartphone, it launched last year and the company has b…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 3:01pm -
  • Maker 4G Modem Allows Easy Connection To Mini PCs And Micro-Controllers (video)
    M2M Circuits has created a new 4G modem that has been specifically designed for the MakerSpace in the form of the Maker 4G Modem that enables direct connection to single-board mini PCs and micro-controller development boards, making it easy to add I…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 2:49pm -
  • Awesome Smart Bathroom Mirror Powered By Android
    Max Braun has created an awesome futuristic DIY smart bathroom mirror that is powered by Google’s Android operating system and utilises a two-way mirror, a display panel and the controller board. The project is still currently under development bu…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 2:28pm -
  • Xiaomi Mi5 Specs Confirmed By Benchmarks
    We have been hearing various rumors about the new Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone and now the handsets specs have been confirmed by some benchmarks on GFX Bench. Xiaomi will be making their new Mi5 smartphone official at Mobile World Congress later this month…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 2:23pm -
  • Square Apple Pay Reader Now Available From Apple Stores
    Square has announced this week that his new Square contactless chip reader hardware that offers compatibility with Apple Pay will be available to purchase from Apple stores throughout the US. As well as now being available from high street Apple Sto…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 2:14pm -
  • Xbox One Just the Beginning Promo Trailer Teases What You Can Expect In 2016 (video)
    Microsoft has today released a new Xbox One Just the Beginning promotional video which teases the new titles you will be able to play during 2016 and include glimpses of Quantum Break, The Division, Crackdown 3 and more. Other new titles Xbox One t…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 1:52pm -
  • FORM Lifting Smart Weight Lifting Monitor His Kickstarter (video)
    Anyone who enjoys using weights as part of their fitness regime may be interested in a new smart weightlifting aid and smartphone companion application which had been created by Scott Mahr. The FORM Lifting system has been launched over on the Kicks…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 1:34pm -
  • SMiD Pro Automatically Encrypts Your Cloud Documents (video)
    Anyone who is a little worried about the privacy of their data whilst being stored on any of the currently available cloud services from the likes of Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, Box and more. May be interested in a new piece of cloud encryption hard…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 1:15pm -
  • Here Are The Rumored LG G5 Specifications
    The LG G5 is expected to be made official at LG’s MWC 2016 press conference on the 21st of February, so we thought it was time for a round up of the rumored specifications on the new LG G5. The handset is expected to come with a 5.6 inch display w…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 1:04pm -



  • ‘Fair international reasoning’
    In my last blog, I mentioned antiquities discovered in Samarra that became the centre of a dispute between museums in England and the Mesopotamian authorities. At the same time, Britain… Go to Source
    - 17 Oct 15, 4:16am -
  • The National Archives launches Archives Inspire at DCDC
    Archives Inspire 2015-19, The National Archives’ new four-year strategy, was officially launched by its chief executive and keeper, Jeff James, at the Discovering Collections Discovering Communities (#DCDC15) conference this week. Jeff James speaki…
    - 17 Oct 15, 4:15am -
  • A stitch in time…
    A stitch in time saves nine: an apt phrase that sums up one of the major projects going on in our Collection Care department. It is called ‘Concept’ – CONservation… Go to Source
    - 15 Oct 15, 4:18am -
  • Keeping tabs on suffragettes: the official watchlist
    To coincide with the nationwide release of the film Suffragette, the official watchlist containing details of over 1,300 suffragette arrests has been published online by Ancestry, in association with The… Go to Source
    - 13 Oct 15, 4:15am -
  • Preserving First World War diaries
    The National Archives is committed to digitising our collections as a tool for both access and preservation. The decision to make the collection of official First World War unit war diaries (series… Go to Source
    - 10 Oct 15, 4:15am -
  • Discovering the Manorial Documents Register
    Our catalogue Discovery lets you find records held here at The National Archives and also in over 2500 archives in the UK and beyond. For the last year, we have been… Go to Source
    - 7 Oct 15, 4:15am -
  • The Battle of Kringen, 1612: uncovering an obscure Norwegian conflict
    I was travelling through the town of Otta, about halfway on the route between the capital Oslo and the city of Trondheim, when a chance glance at my guide book… Go to Source
    - 6 Oct 15, 4:15am -
  • A pauper’s life in their own words
    It is generally accepted that primary sources detailing paupers’ experience of the 19th century are largely written about the poor rather than by them. This is true. However, at The National… Go to Source
    - 3 Oct 15, 4:15am -
  • Disruption to record copying and Discovery on Monday 5 October
    Men at work, 1965 (catalogue reference: COAL 80/1132) Record copying services, advance orders and Discovery, our catalogue, will be unavailable all day on Monday 5 October, while we carry out essential maintenance work. We apologise for any inconveni…
    - 3 Oct 15, 4:15am -
  • Keeper’s Gallery: Battle of Britain 1940
    Our Keeper’s Gallery currently features a display highlighting the Battle of Britain in 1940. The Battle of Britain was fought between the air forces of Britain and Germany during the… Go to Source
    - 2 Oct 15, 4:15am -

Military American

Military Assistance Program
The original release sheet reads: With an informative commentary by Alexander Scourby, this THE BIG PICTURE, reviews our Military Assistance Program in the ...
- 17 Oct 15, 6:24am -
Florida sheriff furious Obama took his military tank away: People will die because of this decision
Police in Florida are complaining that the Obama Administration is recalling military-style tanks that many have complained made American city streets look like ...
- 17 Oct 15, 1:46am -
American Sniper The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U S Military History
History, World, Expeditions & Discoveries. Get This BOOKS/EBOOKS at : ▻
- 17 Oct 15, 12:23am -
US won’t dare challenge Chinese military in South China Sea: American researcher
The United States will never dare to challenge the might of the Chinese military in the South China Sea for fear of the consequences, an American researcher ...
- 16 Oct 15, 11:56pm -

The Gadget Show

  • Digitsole: The radiator for your shoe!
    Frosty feet whilst commuting and cold toes on the slopes may be a thing of the past thanks to the invention of Digitsole. By now you’ll be familiar with your wrists being decked in the latest technology with smartwatches and the launch of the Appl…
    - 11 Sep 14, 3:54pm -
  • Samsung UE65H8000 Curved LED HD TV
    Samsung’s here with one of its latest monstrous television sets, the curved 65-inch LCD UE65H8000 TV, which promises top notch image quality and plenty of bang for your wallet-crunching buck. At £2,799, it’s an expensive set – but with 4K on t…
    - 11 Sep 14, 3:23pm -
  • Nvidia reveals a HTC Nexus 9 is on the way powered by a K1 chip!
    Rumours of HTC and Google teaming up for the next Nexus tablet have been making the rounds for some time, but now Nvidia has shined some more light on what to expect from the next slate, all thanks to a legal document. Expect to see the HTC Nexus 9…
    - 11 Sep 14, 10:30am -
  • Step aside Google Glass: Samsung Gear Blink offers augmented reality keyboard!
    Not content with unleashing a load of wearables like the recent Gear S smartwatch, Samsung is also working on its own Google Glass rival, and the clever headset could use Tizen to take the fight to Google. It may also pack an augmented reality keybo…
    - 11 Sep 14, 9:15am -
  • Surface Pro 3 Review
    Has Microsoft finally cracked the Surface with its third outing? Find out in our review right here…. Watch Surface Pro 3 Review on 5FWD
    - 10 Sep 14, 4:01pm -
  • Motorola Moto 360
    Hello Moto. After years trapped in mobile mediocrity, Motorola is back with a bang, two extremely promising Android smartphones and the sexiest smartwatch yet, the Motorola Moto 360. Like LG and Samsung’s intelligent tickers before it, this timepie…
    - 10 Sep 14, 1:34pm -
  • The iPod classic is dead, long live the iPod
    Apple came out with all guns blazing last night, unleashing two new iPhones, Apple Pay and the company’s eagerly anticipated smartwatch, but quietly, the Cupertino giant pulled the plug on one of its most iconic gadgets, the hefty, hard-drive toti…
    - 10 Sep 14, 11:30am -
  • iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
    Thinking of picking up one of Apple's new phones? To help you choose which one check them both in action right here…. Watch iPhone 6 & 6 Plus on 5FWD
    - 10 Sep 14, 10:40am -
  • Step aside YotaPhone: e-ink screens coming to a laptop lid near you!
    We loved the idea behind the YotaPhone, which rocks a second e-ink display on the rear of the phone showing off e-books and notifications, and now that same idea is also coming to a laptop near you! Intel showed off a new concept with a second e-ink…
    - 10 Sep 14, 10:15am -
  • Apple's iOS 8 update incoming 17 September!
    Apple revealed its fabled smartwatch and a slew of brand new iPhones last night – the iPhone 6 and the gargantuan iPhone 6 Plus – and while you won’t be able to get your hands on one until 19 September, you’ll be able to enjoy the latest and…
    - 10 Sep 14, 9:16am -
  • Apple Watch Trailer
    The Apple Watch is finally official! Watch it in all of its glory right here…. Watch Apple Watch Trailer on 5FWD
    - 9 Sep 14, 7:13pm -
  • Apple Watch official: Everything you need to know!
    Here it is! The Apple Watch we’ve been waiting years for is finally official. Apple boss Tim Cook revealed the new intelligent timepiece live on stage this evening – we’ve got all the details and pictures on the sexiest smartwatch so far righ…
    - 9 Sep 14, 6:00pm -
  • Apple Pay: Get ready to buy next year’s iPhone with this one!
    The rumours of Apple’s plans to come up with a wireless mobile payment system were true, and it’s built into every iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the company has announced. Is this finally the end of the credit card? It might be the end of the bit…
    - 9 Sep 14, 5:48pm -
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus official!
    They’re here! Right on cue, Apple has taken the wraps off the iPhone 6 and the gigantic iPhone 6 Plus live on stage at the Flint Centre. Calling the pair “the biggest advancement in the history of iPhone”, Apple boss Tim…
    - 9 Sep 14, 5:12pm -
  • Everything you need to build your own Lego drone!
    Drones are brilliant fun, but imagine if you could build your own using the Lego you have left over from childhood! Thanks to a new Kickstarter project, you can do exactly that, with all the instructions you need on offer, and even kits including th…
    - 9 Sep 14, 1:30pm -
  • inFamous: First Light review
    <!-IMAGE->As one of the PlayStation 4’s biggest exclusives so far, inFamous: Second Son was a key title and an effective demonstration of the console’s next gen power. It should come as no great surprise then to hear that DLC has been releas…
    - 9 Sep 14, 11:00am -
  • Fujifilm has a duo of retro snappers incoming next week!
    While this year’s IFA tech expo is now done and dusted, photography fans will have plenty to get excited about at next week’s huge Photokina imaging fair in Cologne, including a duo of new cameras on the way from Fujifilm! With retro styling, co…
    - 9 Sep 14, 9:50am -
  • TiVo Mega packs in 24TB of storage for 3 years of TV: Costs $5,000!
    Personal video recorders (PVRs) like TiVo are brilliant for TV fans, but it’s all too easy to run out of space once you start backing up plenty of different TV shows and films. That’s unlikely to happen with the insane TiVo Mega, a 24TB beast th…
    - 9 Sep 14, 9:15am -
  • Series 20: Episode 1 Teaser
    We're back! On Monday 15th September @ 7pm on Channel 5 it's the first episode of our brand new series. And not only that it's our ten year anniversary special! Do not miss it! Until then watch the teaser right here.....Watch Series 20…
    - 8 Sep 14, 3:47pm -
  • Amazon Fire Phone: Kindle smartphone hits the UK today!
    Right before Apple reveals its latest iPhone to the world, Amazon has announced that its 3D-equipped Amazon Fire Phone is on the way to the UK, and it’ll hit shelves later this month too, exclusively on O2. Best of all, it’s on sale right…now!…
    - 8 Sep 14, 3:00pm -
  • Samsung NX Mini Camera
    Compact cameras with large sensors that aim to rival DSLRs when it comes to image quality are nothing new, but now Samsung’s getting in on the market with its tiniest mirrorless camera to date, the truly miniscule and stylish NX Mini. Can it square…
    - 8 Sep 14, 1:30pm -
  • Snap stylish selfies with the iPhone Selfie Brush!
    File this one under ridiculous gadgets, as we may have one of the weirdest yet! If you’ve ever wished your hair brush would hold your iPhone, your dream has just become a reality. It’s all thanks to the brilliantly wacky Selfie Brush, which hold…
    - 8 Sep 14, 11:30am -
  • Who needs 4K now? Dell unleashes its ridiculous UltraSharp "5K" 27-inch monitor!
    Ultra high-definition might be the current benchmark for the future of gaming and movies, but Dell’s already not content with 4K. The computing powerhouse has just revealed its latest 27-inch monitor, and it packs in an eye popping resolution of 5…
    - 8 Sep 14, 10:15am -
  • Last minute leak: The gigantic iPhone 6 Apple doesn't want you to see
    Apple is set to unleash the iPhone 6 tomorrow in two different sizes, but already the handset is looking like one of the most leaked gadgets around. And now we’ve seen the most detailed snaps yet of Apple’s massive new handset – read on to fin…
    - 8 Sep 14, 9:00am -
  • News Round up 06/09/14 - IFA 2014
    We take a look at some of the best tech news stories from the last week – Including all the info from the tech extravaganza at IFA in Berlin!  Watch News Round up 06/09/14 – IFA 2014 on 5FWD
    - 5 Sep 14, 4:10pm -
  • Nook GlowLight
    When you think of ebook readers, you’re likely to think straight away to Amazon’s dominating Kindle range, but there’s more choice than just the online retailer’s wares. Barnes & Noble has been crafting tip-top readers for some time now, and…
    - 5 Sep 14, 2:50pm -
  • Apple iPhone 6, two new Samsung Galaxy Notes, Dyson 360 Eye: Gadget Digest
    The past few days have been some of the most action-packed we’ve seen in 2014, with the IFA 2014 expo kicking off and manufacturers queuing up to unleash some spectacular gadgets on the world! From innovative and unusual phablets, to range-topping…
    - 5 Sep 14, 11:30am -
  • Hard-as-nails Panasonic Toughpad FZ-E1 and FZ-X1 tablets unleashed!
    On the hunt for a tablet that’s as tough as old boots? Panasonic may have the solution, unleashing the Toughpad FZ-E1 and FZ-X1 at IFA yesterday, only they’re more phablet sized than full-on tablet! Each one packs a 5-inch display and either And…
    - 5 Sep 14, 9:15am -
  • How Moto got its mojo back: Inside Motorola's incredible Chicago HQ
    Everyone remembers the Razr. Motorola’s wafer-thin flip phone was the essence of cool in the mid-2000s, but somewhere along the way, the company lost it mojo. It began pushing out tepid smartphones with out of date software, and all but abandoned…
    - 5 Sep 14, 6:00am -
  • Your move Apple: New Moto X and the even bigger Moto G unleashed!
    All eyes are on IFA right now, with gadget fans eagerly checking out all the new smartphones designed to compete with Apple’s iPhone 6, expected to debut next week. Not to be outdone though, Motorola’s just dropped a bombshell of its own: second…
    - 5 Sep 14, 6:00am -
  • Samsung Wireless Mobile Streaming Device
    Every tech company under the sun seems to be hyping up the power of remote storage these days, but recent issues with celebrities finding their personal photos leaking from supposedly secure cloud services may well see some sceptics returning to the…
    - 4 Sep 14, 2:30pm -
  • Dyson 360 Eye: Is this the ultimate robotic vacuum?
    Robotic vacuum cleaners have been around for years now, and while they do help out with the cleaning, some of them often miss out on bits and pieces, leaving you to clean up afterwards. That’s why Dyson has spent 16 years researching and developin…
    - 4 Sep 14, 1:30pm -
  • Sphero Ollie: Meet the phone-controlled robot that can unleash tricks!
    You may remember Sphero as the tiny robot ball that can be controlled by your phone, but now it’s about to get a bigger brother known as Ollie that can go even faster, and can bust out all sorts of tricks too! Fancy one of these? Read on for all t…
    - 4 Sep 14, 12:30pm -
  • Amazon Fire TV hits the UK from just £49 for Amazon Prime members!
    It’s been a couple of months since the Amazon Fire TV was unleashed on the world, set to rival the likes of the Apple TV and various Roku boxes, but the set-top media streamer hasn’t been able to grab in the UK yet. If you’ve been eagerly awai…
    - 4 Sep 14, 11:12am -
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Sony Xperia Z3, VR headsets, all the tablets and all the smartwatches from IFA 2014!

    - 4 Sep 14, 10:18am -
  • Oh yes: The Gadget Show is back on your screens this month!
    The wait is nearly over: The Gadget Show is back on the air later this month, with a new face to boot!Tune in to Channel 5 on Monday 15 September at 7pm and you can catch the team including newcomer and Olympic athlete Amy Williams testing out t…
    - 3 Sep 14, 3:55pm -
  • Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R Mobile Gamepad
    Gaming on your phone has never been easier, all thanks to a wide range of controllers now available to pair up with your Android or iPhone blower of choice, with many even slotting around your handset to let you set your high scores on the move. Long…
    - 3 Sep 14, 1:15pm -
  • Logitech’s portable K480 keyboard lets you type on three different gadgets!
    If you’re anything like us and have gadgets all over the place, have you ever wished you had a keyboard that could work with everything you own? That’s what Logitech is betting on with its brand new K480 keyboard, which can let you tap away on y…
    - 3 Sep 14, 10:46am -
  • Super-thin Lenovo Tab S8 Android slate unleashed with an equally slim price tag!
    With the annual IFA tech show about to kick off, get ready for gadgets galore – but Lenovo has opted to announce its latest slate right before the tech extravaganza even gets started. Meet the Lenovo Tab S8, a slim-line slate that packs in a host…
    - 3 Sep 14, 9:30am -
  • Metro Redux Review
    Is this a remaster worthy of next-gen treatment? Watch our review to find out! Watch Metro Redux Review on 5FWD
    - 2 Sep 14, 3:29pm -
  • Look again: Five gadgets that aren't what they seem
    Every now and again we see a gadget that truly stands out like a sore thumb. Something with a design so outrageous that it actually looks like something else! Gadgets like the gaming PC that looks more like a spaceship, or building blocks you can ea…
    - 2 Sep 14, 2:30pm -
  • HTC’s next Google Nexus tablet could boast a Surface-style keyboard case!
    Google’s Nexus range should already be close to the top of your list when it comes to affordable Android tablets, proving fast and well-specced, but it looks like the search giant’s next flagship slate could go one step further. HTC is currently…
    - 2 Sep 14, 1:30pm -
  • Metro: Redux review
    <!-VIDEO->Next-generation gaming is fast becoming the battleground of the remasters, with publishers pushing out past classics with graphical upgrades in an effort to fill the void until the true next-gen games arrive. While it’s easy to be d…
    - 2 Sep 14, 11:30am -
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Compact: iPhone 5c rival leaks out in a rainbow of colours
    It’s just a day until Sony takes the stage at this year’s IFA tech expo, but one of its goodies has already leaked in a major way. The Xperia Z3 Compact has been spotted in all of its multicoloured glory, and it definitely looks like it could gi…
    - 2 Sep 14, 10:45am -
  • Add some bling to your living room: Swarovski and LG unleash crystal-covered curved OLED TV!
    Crystals aren’t necessarily the first thing we’d think of when kitting out our ideal TV, but that’s exactly what you’ll get from the new partnership between LG and Swarovski: a curved OLED HD TV that’s clad in sparkly stones. Fancy one of…
    - 2 Sep 14, 9:15am -
  • Kogan Agora 4G
    Motorola may have the budget blower throne locked down with its range of well-priced Moto G and Moto E handsets, but that hasn’t stopped other phone makers from stepping up to the plate. Meet the Kogan Agora 4G, the latest budget handset to enter i…
    - 1 Sep 14, 1:30pm -
  • Alienware’s new Area-51 gaming rig looks like a UFO!
    We’re used to seeing outlandish gaming rigs, but Alienware’s latest Area-51 PC is truly like nothing else on earth. The bizarrely shaped gaming machine is more UFO than computer, and the latest generation of Intel processors and up to three grap…
    - 1 Sep 14, 11:30am -
  • Step aside LG and Samsung: Sony Android Wear smartwatch incoming!
    Samsung and LG may have been first out of the blocks when it comes to Android Wear smartwatches, and they’ve got more on the way too, but Sony is following hot on their heels, and it’s set to unleash its own Android Wear-powered smartwatch at th…
    - 1 Sep 14, 10:45am -
  • The iPhone 6 could double up as your mobile wallet!
    The clock is ticking down until Apple’s big event on 9 September when the iPhone 6 will be revealed, and it looks like the Cupertino giant has plenty in store to show off – and it’s not just the fabled iWatch. According to reports from Bloombe…
    - 1 Sep 14, 9:29am -
  • AKG Y50 headphones
    When you think of fashion headphones, you’re likely to think straight away to Dr Dre’s mammoth Beats empire – but a pair of those cans come at a hefty price. The Austrian audio boffins at AKG have been hard at work on their latest headphones, a…
    - 29 Aug 14, 3:36pm -


  • newOhlala's 'paid dates' app debuts in New York City
    Valentine's Day for single folks can be a pretty touchy subject. But New Yorkers who don't have qualms about exchanging money for short-term companionship have an alternative option in Ohlala. It recently launched in Gotham and offers men and women t…
    - 53 mins ago 6 Feb 16, 12:28pm -
  • newGoPro and Microsoft ink patent licensing deal
    GoPro and Microsoft have forged a partnership, and it's a very secretive one. The two companies have signed a patent licensing "for certain file storage and other system technologies." That is seriously all they're willing to tell us at this point, a…
    - 5 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 8:37am -
  • newCops nab man for crashing a drone into the Empire State building
    A New Jersey native's drone has recently crashed into the Empire State building, and unlike the person whose machine hit Seattle's Great Wheel, he didn't get away with it. Authorities have arrested the man an NBC affiliate identified as Sean Nivin Ri…
    - 9 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 4:35am -
  • newTwitter's Facebook-style timeline could arrive next week
    Completing the process of Facebook and Twitter doing battle by copying all of each other's features, a report by Buzzfeed says that Twitter could debut its "algorithmic" feed as early as next week. Since it launched, the microblogging service has alw…
    - 11 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 2:38am -
  • newVerizon's video service sidesteps Verizon's bandwidth caps
    Engadget's parent company Verizon is taking a page from T-Mobile's playbook and proving that it really doesn't care about net neutrality. The latest update to its Go90 video streaming app makes it so watching the company's content won't count toward.…
    - 12 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 1:39am -
  • newThe first Ultra HD Blu-ray players are already on sale
    I wasn't expecting to see Samsung's UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player on sale until the end of the month, but it's already available at a few stores. USA Today points out that Video and Audio Center in Santa Monica is kicking off sales today, and the…
    - 14 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 11:40pm -
  • newGoogle is exploring wireless charging for self-driving cars
    Self-driving cars are poised to be an incredible tool of the future, but they won't be much use if they can't hold a charge. It looks like Google wants to solve this problem via resonant magnetic induction, a form of wireless charging that could use.…
    - 15 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 10:22pm -
  • newTinder bans users for sending pro-Bernie Sanders messages
    Campaigning for Bernie Sanders, and presumably any other politician, can get you banned from Tinder. According to a report from Reuters, two users of the dating app learned that the hard way recently, after their accounts were locked for sending priv…
    - 15 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 9:57pm -
  • newApple says the iPhone-breaking Error 53 is a security measure
    If you're an iPhone owner who hasn't had a run-in with the dreaded Error 53, consider yourself lucky. The error — which usually forces iPhones with replacement screens or home buttons into a boot loop after attempting a software update —.…
    - 16 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 9:22pm -
  • newTwitter explains its handling of ISIS-linked accounts
    One way ISIS has distinguished itself from other terrorist organizations is its use of social media to spread news and recruit followers. Now, following Google and Facebook, Twitter is revealing info about what it's doing to stop extremist groups fro…
    - 16 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 8:57pm -
  • newThe Wirecutter's best deals: A Vizio smart TV and more!
    This post was done in partnership with The Wirecutter, a buyer's guide to the best technology. Read their continuously updated list of deals at may have already seen Engadget posting reviews from our friends at The Wirecutter.…
    - 17 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 8:15pm -
  • newGoogle DeepMind AI finds its way through a 3D maze by 'sight'
    Google DeepMind has already conquered the world of Go, but its next accomplishment may be walking around in a game of Doom or GoldenEye 007. The artificial intelligence system successfully navigated a 3D maze without cheating -- it didn't have access…
    - 18 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 7:49pm -
  • newReport: BlackBerry lays off a third of its Waterloo staff (Updated)
    Citing multiple sources, Mobile Syrup reported Friday that BlackBerry has laid off roughly 35 percent of its workforce in Waterloo, Canada -- where the company is headquartered. That translates into about 1000 people losing their jobs. According to M…
    - 18 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 7:19pm -
  • newSlow down, Apple: Perfect your iOS apps before moving to Android
    Apple CEO Tim Cook let an intriguing bit of news slip earlier this week at a town hall meeting with the company's employees. Apple Music for Android was apparently just a first step: The company is considering bringing more of its software and servic…
    - 18 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 6:53pm -
  • newGolf-bot sinks hole-in-one at PGA event
    Dropping a hole-in-one at the 16th hole of the Waste Management Phoenix Open in Scottsdale, Arizona apparently isn't that hard. Tiger Woods famously got one back in 1997, Italian pro Francesco Molinari did the same last month and just this Wednesday,…
    - 19 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 6:27pm -
  • newFinal Cut Pro X now handles 4K export to some Apple devices
    Final Cut Pro X didn't get the warmest of receptions when it was released in 2011. But Apple's made many changes to its video-editing software since, listening to user feedback and adding features that were missing from Final Cut Pro 7. And it keeps.…
    - 19 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 6:01pm -
  • newAmazon's Echo speaker can now order an Uber for you
    The hardware is still the same, but Amazon's Echo continues to impress with smarter and more useful software. Want to listen to your favorite Spotify playlist? Not a problem. Craving some Domino's Pizza? It'll be on your doorstep soon enough. For its…
    - 20 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 5:14pm -
  • newDraftKings is taking its daily fantasy sports to the UK
    While daily fantasy sites DraftKings and FanDuel battle to stay open in the US, the former outfit is taking its games to the UK. Starting today, sports fans across the pond can take advantage of DraftKings' "innovative skill-based contests" to try an…
    - 21 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 4:48pm -
  • newApple Watch discounted by up to £120 at Currys PC World
    Apple's debut smartwatch has received some hearty discounts at Currys and PC World stores across the UK. Point your browser to either retailer's website and you'll notice a number of deals that take between £50 and £120 off the normal ask…
    - 21 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 4:19pm -
  • newNetflix renews 'Orange is the New Black' for three more seasons
    Netflix just announced it is bringing back Orange is the New Black for a 5th, 6th and 7th season. The streaming service's original series, created by Jenji Kohan (Weeds) and produced by Lionsgate, has been a hit since it debuted in 2013. With many aw…
    - 21 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 4:12pm -
  • newApple will reportedly accept damaged iPhones for trade-in
    Apple's iPhone recycling program is handy for getting rid of your old handset when you buy a new one. However, the initiative doesn't allow customers to trade in older models if they have screen damage, a broken camera or buttons that don't work. 9to…
    - 22 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 3:49pm -
  • newThe fabulous life of a professional 'Street Fighter' player
    Darryl Lewis stows his luggage in the plane's overhead bin and settles into his seat, ready for another takeoff, another trip for work. He's seated next to an older man who's flying with his family. Eventually, the man turns to Lewis and asks him a s…
    - 22 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 3:30pm -
  • newGoogle's AI will take on the world Go champ live on YouTube
    Google's victory over a top Go player was unprecedented, but can its artificial intelligence program DeepMind beat the world champion? We'll find out starting on March 9th, when DeepMind's "AlphaGo" program takes on South Korea's Lee Sedol in a $1 mi…
    - 22 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 3:26pm -
  • newAudio software can make phone calls more intelligible
    It can be tough hearing each other on the phone no matter how much you shout if you're in a noisy environment. Fraunhofer believes its new audio software can solve that problem, though, and make even garbled loudspeaker announcements at train station…
    - 22 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 3:05pm -
  • Get the most out of your next vacation with these 12 apps
    Maps, guidebooks and pocket dictionaries used to be regarded as travel essentials - but no longer. The digital age has lightened our luggage and made navigating our way around new places a whole lot easier. All you need is your smartphone or tablet,…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 10:28am -

Top Tech Gadgets

  • iPhone 6s and 6s Plus review: more than just a refresh
    Some people look a little unkindly on the so-called "S" years -- those years when Apple updates the iPhone, but doesn't change how it looks, and then sells that while secretly working on something flashier that will debut 12 months later. I don't t…
    - 1 Oct 15, 7:36pm -
  • Amazon pulling Apple TV and Chromecast over Prime Video support
    Say goodbye to Prime shipping of the Apple TV and Chromecast. In an email obtained by Bloomberg, Amazon informed marketplace sellers that it would no longer allow the sale of the two devices after October 29. The reason is that they don't offer eas…
    - 1 Oct 15, 6:11pm -
  • YouTube Kids streams content on Chromecast, Apple TV and more
    YouTube's kid-friendly app arrived earlier this year, delivering a library of age-appropriate content for younger viewers. Now, the streaming software is moving beyond mobile devices. YouTube Kids is now available on your television, streaming to C…
    - 1 Oct 15, 5:30pm -
  • 'Citizen Kane' to 'Call of Duty': The rise of video games in universities
    Picture an art school. Visualize the hallways of a university dedicated to the arts, the classrooms lined with paint tubes, charcoal sticks and nude models. Imagine the galleries where outgoing seniors present their final projects. Consider the thi…
    - 1 Oct 15, 4:30pm -
  • Pornhub thinks your smartphone choice reflects your kinks
    Much like OK Cupid, Pornhub has access to a large repository of data concerning our most private and intimate desires. Every now and again, both sites like to reveal some statistics about what we like to get up to when nobody else is watching. Toda…
    - 1 Oct 15, 2:21pm -
  • 'Thug Notes' is YouTube's unlikeliest education destination
    Not long ago, whenever a teacher would assign a book report, most students would sprint to Barnes & Noble to grab the CliffsNotes version that could save their weekend. These days, however, they're more likely to head to YouTube to listen to th…
    - 1 Oct 15, 2:00pm -


  • newThe Italian (Startup) Renaissance
     2016 couldn’t have started better for Italy’s economy and tech sector. In January, Cisco signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) to provide training to teachers and students through the Cisco Networkin…
    - 9 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 4:00am -
  • newNew Air Force Satellites Launched To Improve GPS
     This morning, the United Launch Alliance (ULA) successfully launched a Boeing-built satellite into orbit as part of the U.S. Air Force’s Global Positioning System (GPS).This $131 million satellite was the final addition to the Air Force’s most…
    - 11 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 2:14am -
  • newUber Drivers Plan Strike During Super Bowl Weekend
     Uber has slashed driver wages in the last month, with some reportedly earning less than minimum wage. Now drivers are planning a protest in San Francisco right when they could be significantly increasing their hourly pay. The city expects roughly…
    - 12 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 1:22am -
  • newMicrosoft And GoPro Sign Patent Licensing Deal For File Storage Technology
     Microsoft, though its Microsoft Licensing LLC, and GoPro today announced that they have signed a collaborative patent licensing deal for “certain file storage and other system technologies.” “This agreement with GoPro shows the incredible bre…
    - 15 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 10:32pm -
  • newMeet The People Vying For The First-Ever Diversity Crunchie Award
     In case you haven’t noticed, diversity and inclusion are really important in tech, which is why we’ve stepped up our diversity coverage and have decided to present the first-ever award for diversity, the Include Diversity Award, at the 9th Annu…
    - 15 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 10:00pm -
  • newRevolut Gets More Funding For Its Mobile Foreign Exchange Service
     British startup Revolut just closed its seed round. After announcing having raised $2.3 million this Summer, the company has added a couple of new investors. In total, the company has raised $4.8 million (£3.2 million) from Index Ventures, Baldert…
    - 16 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 9:18pm -
  • newGillmor Gang LIVE 02.05.16
     Gillmor Gang – Robert Scoble, John Taschek, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. LIVE recording session has concluded for today.Join our LIVE chat during the live show broadcast here through Chat Center Gillmor Gang on Facebook HEREOur…
    - 16 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 9:05pm -
  • newDon’t Sleep On New Data Privacy Regulations
     Chalk it up to the Snowden Effect. Although it has been nearly three years since Edward Snowden turned the world on its head by releasing a trove of highly sensitive documents, the ripples of his decision are still being felt broadly. To that end,…
    - 16 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 9:00pm -
  • newWevr Raises $25M, Announces Cross-Platform VR Content Network
     It’s a question on a lot of entrepreneurs’ minds: will the virtual reality space need replica networks for everything? Will the unique input and interface needs of VR lead to there being a Facebook for VR, a Twitch for VR and a Gmail for VR? W…
    - 17 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 8:46pm -
  • new11 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week
     This week, Alphabet surpassed Apple as the most valuable public company in the world, China released HD true-color photos of the moon, and IBM made three acquisitions. Here are the stories to catch you up on this week’s tech news. Read More…
    - 17 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 8:44pm -
  • newBay Area Airbnb Hosts Get Less Than They Bargained For During The Big Game
     As Super Bowl 50 draws near, some Airbnb hosts are hoping for a substantial payout. Crazy listings are popping up – this home is going for $6000 a night. If that’s out of your price range, how about sharing a room for only $1300 per night? The…
    - 17 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 8:44pm -
  • newZIRX Drops Its Consumer Valet Service To Focus On The Enterprise
     ZIRX, an on-demand valet startup, is shutting down its consumer service at the end of the month, according to an email that the company sent out to ZIRX members today. The company confirmed the move in a blog post. However, the company isn’t s…
    - 17 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 8:39pm -
  • newCODE2040 CEO Calls For More Transparency, Accountability And Cultural Changes In Tech
     Tech companies have gotten better about disclosing their diversity data, but there are still a ton of companies that haven’t done so. In the reports that do exist, what’s often missing are insights around retention rates, which can be good in…
    - 17 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 8:37pm -
  • newWhat To Expect At The 9th Annual Crunchies
     Is this your first time attending the Crunchies? Well you’re in for a real treat. Even if you’ve been before, we’ve put together a guide detailing exactly what you can expect at this year’s show, and tips on how to prepare your night accord…
    - 18 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 7:29pm -
  • newOne Medical Acquires Rise, A Nutrition Coaching App
     Much of Rise CEO Suneel Gupta and One Medical CEO Tom Lee’s first interactions happened in front of a whiteboard at the One Medical offices after the pair were introduced by mutual investor Google Ventures. “I was very much interested in what…
    - 18 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 7:12pm -
  • newAugmented Reality Helmet Startup Daqri Nabs Former SpaceX, Qualcomm And Virgin Group Execs
     The augmented reality space is hot and getting hotter, especially among enterprise companies looking to redesign the experience of the onsite employee of the future. Daqri, an AR smart helmet startup, is growing its leadership board significantly t…
    - 18 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 7:11pm -
  • newGlu Mobile Pins Its Hopes On New Taylor Swift Game
     Glu Mobile, the mobile gaming company behind recent app store hits like the once-viral “Kim Kardashian” Hollywood,” and who recently took a stake in top trivia game QuizUp, is hoping it has another potential breakout title on its hands thanks…
    - 19 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 6:47pm -
  • newBlackBerry Confirms Job Cuts At Waterloo HQ And Florida Manufacturing Facility
     It looks like John Chen is swinging the axe at BlackBerry. The company confirmed to TechCrunch that it let go “a small number of employees… in Waterloo and Sunrise, FL”.Update: BlackBerry updated its statement and now says 200 people were la…
    - 19 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 6:42pm -
  • newNextGenVest CEO On What Fintech Startups Can Learn From Uber
     Kelly Peeler of NextGenVest on fintech startups and the millennial consumer. Read More
    - 19 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 6:30pm -
  • newMeet The Finalists For The NFL’s 1st And Future
     It’s here! 1st and Future, the startup pitch hosted jointly by the NFL, Stanford and your favorite tech blog, TechCrunch, is tomorrow!We’ve scoured fields, courts, arenas and stadiums around the world to find the most promising startups bringi…
    - 20 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 5:05pm -


  • newIn Depth: Alpha Bets: 12 amazing moonshots burning through Google's billions
    12 amazing Google moonshots Google's newly established parent company, Alphabet, became the world's most valuable company in February, shunting Apple from the top spot. It's making billions, money which isn't just lining the pockets of the uber rich…
    - 2 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 11:01am -
  • newHow to build a Raspberry Pi home heating monitor
    For this Raspberry Pi project, we'll dunk our heads into the Internet of Things (IoT). We'll determine the temperature of our home using a cost-effective sensor and push that data to the cloud and use it to populate a graph. The sensor we're using is…
    - 3 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 10:00am -
  • newWhat's the real story behind Windows 10 racking up 200 million installs?
    Introduction and consumer adoptionFive months. That's all it took for Microsoft to sell 200 million copies of Windows 10. It is easily the fastest selling operating system the company has ever released, and possibly the best. However, as several indu…
    - 4 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 9:50am -
  • newFirst glimpse of the HTC One M10 confirms earlier rumours
    HTC hasn't had the best of fortunes in recent years, at least as far as smartphones are concerned, but the HTC One M10 looks like being a phone worth waiting for: we're hearing rumours of a new design, an upgraded camera and a waterproof chassis.Now…
    - 4 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 9:30am -
  • newApple takes baby steps into selling VR headsets
    Apple has taken its first official step into the world of virtual and augmented reality, but not with its own product. Instead, Apple has begun selling Mattel's View-Master VR viewfinder in its online store.The View-Master headset works with your pho…
    - 12 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 1:26am -
  • newVideo: NextVR shoots in 6K, then delivers the footage to your face
    Imagine waking up on Sunday morning, putting on your Samsung Gear VR headset, and being transported to the field of an NFL stadium just before kickoff. In fact, you're right behind the kicker as he sets the game in motion, but in reality you haven't…
    - 12 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 1:12am -
  • newGoogle's self-driving cars could feature wireless charging
    Google may be playing with wireless charging for its self-driving cars, suggest newly uncovered documents.The documents, filed with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last year and spotted by IEEE Spectrum, reveal applications and permiss…
    - 14 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 11:40pm -
  • newUpdated: How to watch Super Bowl 50 online for free
    Update: Super Bowl 50 is just two days away. Want to watch the game without a cable subscription? Watch the game online for free using the guide below! Come February 8, the NFL will have a new champion.Super Bowl 50 (no more roman numerals!), featuri…
    - 14 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 11:00pm -
  • newUpdated: 15 best indie games on PC and consoles
    IntroductionUpdate: Check out our most recent full entry to the list: The Witness at spot 15. It's designer Jonathan Blow's second major release that has the gaming world buzzing.Original article follows...No-one can agree what an indie game is. Some…
    - 14 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 10:55pm -
  • newiPhone 6 'Error 53' is bricking phones with tampered home buttons
    iPhone 6 owners turning their device in for repairs at third-party retailers could be in for a rude awakening, as an error with Touch ID and iOS 9 could render a refurbished phone completely useless."Error 53," as it's known, has affected potentially…
    - 15 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 10:46pm -
  • newPopcorn Time, the Netflix of torrents, will be reborn in the browser
    The story of Popcorn Time, an online streaming app that looks and acts like Netflix but uses torrent links instead of hosted videos, has been a tricky one to follow. It's been shut down and reborn again more times than you can count thanks to the sof…
    - 16 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 9:43pm -
  • newOrange is the New Black just became The Big Bang Theory of Netflix
    Netflix has renewed its original series Orange is the New Black for an impressive three more seasons, bringing the show up to at least seven seasons in all.The streaming service has repeatedly said OITNB is its most popular original series, and the a…
    - 17 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 8:21pm -
  • newUpdated: From Bernie to Trump: Where every candidate stands on science and tech
    Presidential candidates on science and techUpdate: This article has been updated to include the poll numbers from the Iowa caucus as well as the current roster of candidates. There is no greater privilege as an American than that of casting a ballot.…
    - 18 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 7:00pm -
  • newThe best Super Bowl 50 commercials are the ones with tech - watch them now
    Don't wait till SundayAs players and fans alike prepare for Super Bowl 50, so are major companies looking to grab the spotlight during the nation's, if not the world's, most-watched television event of the year.With a $5 million price tag for just 30…
    - 18 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 6:56pm -
  • newUpdated: 50 best iPhone games 2016
    The best of mobile gamingIt would take approximately 34,506,455 years to play through every single iPhone game on the App Store. Well, OK, we might have made that number up, but surely we can't be too far off.The App Store is crammed with gaming good…
    - 20 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 5:25pm -
  • newVersus: iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6S Plus: Apple's latest smartphones go head to head
    Apple's latest two superphones have a lot in common, but they're far from identical – and in many ways they're aimed at quite different users. And with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus both carrying a hefty price tag, it's vital that you make the r…
    - 21 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 4:30pm -
  • newUpdated: Buying Guide: Best Mac to buy in 2016: Apple's top iMacs, MacBooks and more
    Picking the perfect MacBuying a new Mac isn't as easy as picking out a new iPhone. With a phone you only have to worry about cost, color, and capacity, but when upgrading your computer you need to consider portability, power, speed, storage, screen s…
    - 22 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 3:36pm -
  • newWeek in Tech: Week in Tech: Chu Detective, why Alphabet rules, and the multi-million dollar keyboard
    This week we discovered that everything can change in an instant. One minute you're the hot favourite for the top political job; the next, you're regretting those tweets in which you called everybody losers. And it's the same in tech. This week we sa…
    - 22 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 3:20pm -
  • newThinking of getting an HTC Vive? Check that your room is this size first
    Pre-orders for the HTC Vive are set to kick-off at the end of February, but if you're thinking of grabbing yourself a slice of virtual reality action, then be warned – you'll need a fair bit of space to play in.This news comes courtesy of the Vive…
    - 22 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 3:02pm -
  • newReview: Rollei Actioncam 420
    Introduction and handlingRollei's Actioncam 402 is in essence an oversized GoPro with the familiar box design encased in a waterproof housing. Making sure the 420 stands out in a crowded market, Rollei offers the camera in three colours: black, blue…
    - 22 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 3:01pm -


  • New laws make ripping CDs legal in UK
    Yep, you read it correctly. As legislature desperately plays catch-up with the 21st century, new changes mean that ripping your CDs is now legal. As you were, gentlemen.    
    - 31 Mar 14, 11:25am -
  • Apple and Samsung head back to court for patent battle
    Apple and Samsung are set to return back to court on Monday for the latest battle in their patent war.     
    - 30 Mar 14, 5:38pm -
  • HereO is the first GPS watch for kids
    HereO is currently seeking backing on Indiegogo for its GPS smartwatch that works with an app to keep track of your kids at any given moment.    
    - 30 Mar 14, 4:35pm -
  • Lego unveils TMNT range
    To coincide with Michael Bay’s upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, Lego is releasing four minifigure sets.     
    - 30 Mar 14, 2:34pm -
  • Yahoo recruiting YouTube stars for rival service
    Yahoo is reportedly luring YouTube stars away from the video service to help set up a new TV network that could be the next big thing.     
    - 30 Mar 14, 2:27pm -
  • BlackBerry revenue falls below a $1bn
    BlackBerry has reported losses for the ninth successive quarter with dismal sales figures for its BB10 phone range.     
    - 30 Mar 14, 2:15pm -
  • Moto 360: Smartwatches are now officially cool(er)
    Technology is moving faster than society’s perceptions are. That’s why the Moto 360 isn’t just a great-looking product, it’s part of a culture war. Sort of    
    - 30 Mar 14, 9:40am -
  • Lego Simpsons minifigures unveiled ahead of special episode
    Ahead of the Lego Simpsons 25th anniversary episode that will air on May 4 – Lego has lifted the lid on its minifugures line up including all of Springfield’s favourites.      
    - 29 Mar 14, 6:19pm -
  • Office for iPad to get printing support
    Microsoft’s office for ipad apps have already climbed to the top of the App Store – now it seems a printing feature is on its way.     
    - 29 Mar 14, 6:14pm -
  • Tech Week: Around the Network
    Here's our round up of all the week's best tech and gaming news from around the web...    
    - 29 Mar 14, 3:05pm -
  • iOS apps crash more often than Android
    A new report ranking app crash rates reveals that apps are twice as likely to crash on iOS than Android with the Samsung Galaxy S4 being the most stable device.    
    - 29 Mar 14, 1:34pm -
  • Cut the Rope 2 finally arrives on Android
    After launching way back in December for iOS devices, smash-hit puzzle app Cut the Rope 2 has finally landed on Android as a free download.     
    - 29 Mar 14, 1:28pm -
  • Leak demos Nokia Lumia 630 running Windows Phone 8.1
    A leaked video has appeared online showing off the upcoming Nokia Lumia 630 – expected to be one of the first devices running Windows Phone 8.1.     
    - 29 Mar 14, 1:14pm -
  • Why BlackBerry risks cutting off its nose to spite its face
    Yesterday, BlackBerry boss John Chen took to the company’s official blog to rant about leaks. Nothing to do with his “faucet”, as our American cousins insist on calling it. No, he was talking about people leaking details of upcoming phones to t…
    - 28 Mar 14, 7:35pm -
  • Philips transforms your ceiling into a light
    Luminescent minimalism at its finest, Philips’ LED ceiling does away with the lampshades of old and ushers in a new age of dazzling décor.     
    - 28 Mar 14, 5:20pm -
  • Monster launches 24k gold phone chargers
    Do you ever find yourself relaxing on Dubai's sandy shores, a bottle of Heidsieck 1907 at your side, wishing there was some way to charge your smartphone in style? Russian oligarchs take heed.    
    - 28 Mar 14, 4:45pm -
  • Sony Digital Paper given price and release date
    Sony will be bringing its Digital Paper product to market later this year, with a confirmed price point of $1,100    
    - 28 Mar 14, 4:40pm -
  • Hands on: Pioneer's new dance-focused headphone range
    Purveyors of headphones to the DJ gentry, Pioneer, reveals new headphone range aimed at dance music listeners. In-ear and over-ear lovers are both catered for.    
    - 28 Mar 14, 3:30pm -
  • Armin van Buuren plugs into the headphone industry
    Philips and DJ star Armin Van Buuren have paired together to create a set of pro headphones aimed at the DJ and electro crowd.    
    - 28 Mar 14, 2:30pm -
  • Facebook takes to the skies with Wi-Fi drones is the noble effort to bring online access to the two thirds of the planet still missing out on the web. Not content with routers and fibre-optic cabling, Facebook has taken to the skies to help the cause.    
    - 28 Mar 14, 2:20pm -


  • newMagic leaps, rise of a virus: Podcast 253
    WIRED interviews LSE's Clare Wenham on the rise of Zika, and we examine the mysteries behind a $3.7bn VR giant that hasn't released a single product.By:, Continue reading...
    - 19 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 6:01pm -
  • newInnovate, die, or both: inside the struggle to save big oil
    Big oil is in crisis. Against a backdrop of record losses and huge layoffs, more than 800 industry executives gathered in Florence, Italy to try and work out what's next.By: James Temperton, Continue reading...
    - 20 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 4:57pm -
  • newPaypal bans VPN and DNS services
    PayPal has begun blocking VPN and DNS masking services from using the money transfer platform, in the latest push against online location hiding practises.By: Matt Kamen, Continue reading...
    - 21 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 4:32pm -
  • newDraftKings on why the UK is ready for one-day fantasy sport
    DraftKings, the controversial but enormously popular online fantasy sports service, has announced it will launch in the UK on Friday.By: Pauline Bock, Continue reading...
    - 21 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 4:10pm -
  • newDividing Line: How The Division blends RPGs with shooter action
        Ubisoft's The Division was one of the first games announced for the current console generation. Set in New York after a disturbingly plausible bioterror event leads to the shutdown and quarantine of the entire city, players control a Strate…
    - 23 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 2:26pm -
  • newWhat we learned about the brain this week: ravens and brain scans
    Remembering passwords is never easy. An endless spiral of upper and lower case characters, symbols and numbers that have to be remembered in slightly different configurations for a billion different websites -- it's tricky.By: Emily Reynolds, Continu…
    - 24 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 1:40pm -
  • Astronaut Tim Peake will watch the Six Nations rugby live from space
    If you're a rugby fan, you're likely to be watching tomorrow's Six Nations match from one of two places: the sofa or the pub. If you're lucky, you'll actually be attending the match. But one thing's for certain -- unlike one man, you won't be watch…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 12:41pm -
  • DraftKings fantasy sports launches in the UK
    DraftKings, the controversial but enormously popular online fantasy sports service, has announced it will launch in the UK on Friday.By: Michael Rundle, Continue reading...
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 12:17pm -
  • Why do people go bald? Science finally has an answer
    If you were wondering why your hair was looking somewhat less lustrous than in previous years, there's an answer for you -- it's because your thinning hair is turning into skin.By: Emily Reynolds, Continue reading...
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 11:24am -
  • DeepMind will fight Go world champ live on YouTube
    Google has announced it will live stream a potentially landmark competition between its DeepMind AI and Go world champion Lee Sedol in South Korea in March. By: Michael Rundle, Continue reading...
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 10:03am -
  • Scientists have made the perfect skimming stone
    Researchers at Brown University and Utah State University's Splash Lab have worked out to make the perfect skimming stone -- and it's not in the flick of your wrist, it's actually all in the material.Continue reading...
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 9:54am -
  • Elon Musk wants to build a vertical take-off electric plane
    Not content with revolutionising the space rocket industry, the motor vehicle industry and the magic frictionless tube industry, Elon Musk has another target in his sights: the currently non-existent electric vertical take-off plane industry.By: Mich…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 9:08am -
  • GCHQ reveals the answers to its Christmas crypto puzzle
    GCHQ's crypto puzzle proved too tough to crack as nobody got it completely right, the agency has said.By: Matt Burgess, Continue reading...
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 9:07am -
  • Assange: UN detention opinion is 'really significant victory'
    The United Nations has confirmed it believes Julian Assange's 'detention' in the Ecuadorian embassy contravened his human rights and amounted to a "deprivation of liberty".By: Matt Burgess, Continue reading...
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 8:46am -
  • WIRED Awake: 10 must-read articles for 5 February
    Your daily briefing. Today, the global spread of a deadly bee virus is the result of human actions, Nasa has discovered 'floating hills' on Pluto, Unreal Editor will allow game environments to edited from inside virtual reality and more.…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 7:40am -
  • Doom reboot is probably even more violent than you thought
    The new Doom will be released on 13 May 2016, Bethesda has announced, and as well as a traditionally over-the-top and expensive collector's edition and some multiplayer bonuses, we now know a bit more about how the game will play.By: Michael Rundle,…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 3:23pm -
  • The coating conducts electricity on a contact lens
    The coating conducts electricity on a contact lensBy: Emily Reynolds, Continue reading...
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 2:27pm -
  • Facebook declares 'Friends Day', the internet hates it
    If you were thinking that today was just like any other day -- grey skies, sense of pervading dread, terrible commute -- you'd be wrong. For in a combination of sentimentality ("the power of friendship") and detached, corporate blandness ("we invite…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 12:08pm -
  • You'll be able to ride London's vintage Mail Rail in 2017
        The Mail Rail, a little-known underground railway running beneath the streets of London, will open to the public in early 2017 as part of a new Postal Museum.By: James Temperton, Continue reading...
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 11:04am -
  • Instagram film launches in 15 second segments
    Forget about 'Gone In Sixty Seconds' -- this film is gone in fifteen. That's because it's hosted entirely on Instagram.By: Emily Reynolds, Continue reading...
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 9:36am -
  • From the Editor
    Editor's letter March 2016By: David Rowan, Continue reading...
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 9:20am -
  • Reports: UN panel backs Julian Assange 'unlawful detention' claim
    After more than three and a half years inside the walls of the Ecuadorian Embassy Julian Assange may leave the building on Friday.By: Matt Burgess, Continue reading...
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 9:17am -
  • WIRED Awake: 10 must-read articles for 4 February
    Your daily briefing. Today, Julian Assange says he will hand himself over to police if his UN appeal fails on Friday, Google is going to Washington State to test self-driving cars in the rain, Luxembourg wants to become the EU's legal ce…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 7:40am -
  • Nuclear fusion energy experiment turned on in Germany
    Scientists in Germany have switched on a nuclear fusion experiment that they hope will provide a solution to finding clean and safe nuclear power.By: Emily Reynolds, Continue reading...
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 5:37pm -
  • This website is a search engine for Simpsons' quotes
    This website is a search engine for Simpsons' quotes that lets users delve into almost 3,000,000 screenshots from the longest running US cartoon.By: Matt Burgess, Continue reading...
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 2:38pm -
  • Broken Sword just achieved an unusual Guinness World Record
    The Broken Sword series turns 20 this year, and it's getting a Guinness World Record to celebrate.By: Matt Kamen, Continue reading...
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 2:00pm -
  • Nintendo reveals launch details of first smartphone game
    Nintendo has revealed how it will be rolling out its first smartphone game and new player account system in the UK.The game, Miitomo, is more of a communications app, allowing players to "engage" with each other by answering light-hearted questio…
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 12:54pm -
  • Ants show no sign of aging
    The secret to anti-ageing is elusive. No matter how many expensive face creams you buy or complex workout routines you suffer through, there's no way to stop the endless, onward march of time ravaging your body and mind. That is, if you're human; a n…
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 11:42am -
  • Ravens have paranoid, abstract thoughts about other minds
    Cementing their status as the most terrifying of all the birds, a new study has found that ravens are able to imagine being spied upon -- a level of abstraction that was previously thought to be unique to humans. By: Emily Reynolds, Continue readin…
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 11:19am -
  • Robot Wars reboot has a new logo, new presenters and no Craig Charles
    The BBC's reboot of Robot Wars was greeted with delirium from fans. But there was one burning question that needed answering: would Craig Charles and Philippa Forrester be presenting the show's return?By: Matt Burgess, Continue reading...
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 11:02am -


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  • Tame your cycling gadgets to become a faster rider -
    BikeRadar.comTame your cycling gadgets to become a faster“If you feel tired then you are tired regardless of what a gadget tells you. “Recording fatigue levels daily when waking is useful and can help 'predict' excessive fatigu…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 12:06pm -
  • Is Innovation Moving Away From The Latest Gadgets And Gizmos? - Swarajya
    SwarajyaIs Innovation Moving Away From The Latest Gadgets And Gizmos?SwarajyaRajeev Srinivasan worked for innovative companies such as Bell Labs, Siemens and Sun Microsystems in strategy and product management. He has taught innovation at several IIM…
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  • Kitchen gadgets review: Looseleaf kale stripper – not a natural born kaler - The Guardian
    The GuardianKitchen gadgets review: Looseleaf kale stripper – not a natural born kalerThe GuardianThis is Looseleaf, a gadget designed to “strip a variety of leaves like kale and collard greens from stems”. It's sold by Chef'n, which is a weird…
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  • The 10 most anticipated gadgets of 2016 - Stuff
    StuffThe 10 most anticipated gadgets of 2016StuffOne of the great things about the world of gadgets is that it's never static – there's always something new and wallet-baiting on the horizon. And that's very much the case this year. 2016 is going t…
    - 6 days ago 31 Jan 16, 6:22pm -
  • The best (and weirdest) gadgets of 2016 - best (and weirdest) gadgets of international CES 2016 gadget showcase has begun in Las Vegas, and promises to showcase the strangest and most innovative technology the world's biggest companies have to offer.…
    - 10 days ago 27 Jan 16, 10:40am -

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  • Finding the Right Components for a Well-Rounded Gaming Laptop
    Unlike years past, today there are a vast number of quality gaming laptops available that can not only match most home rigs but occasionally outperform them. If you're in the market for a new gaming laptop and want to know what components will give…
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider PC Graphics and CPU Performance
    Rise of the Tomb Raider has been widely praised for its gameplay and visuals and now that the PC version is out, we are taking it for a spin. Rise of the Tomb Raider is arguably the best looking game to hit the PC yet, and without question the cut-s…
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider Review
    Rise of the Tomb Raider tells the story of young Lara Croft, alone in a dangerous place, exploring ruins, solving puzzles, and shooting lots of guys with flaming arrows. This is an enjoyable sequel and the reason it's very fun is because it feels up…
    - -
  • The Ideal Smartphone for 2016
    In 2015 I saw a ton of great smartphones hit the market, but I'm yet to see the elusive 'perfect' device -- the phone with no compromises in hardware or software. In this article I'll go through every aspect of the modern smartphone and list exactly…
    - -
  • Division Zero X40 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard and M50 Pro Gaming Mouse Review
    Metadot, maker of the well-known Das Keyboard today is launching Division Zero, a new brand and product line developed specifically for the pro gaming and eSports community. Its debut offerings include the X40 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard and the…
    - -
  • The Witness Review
    In The Witness, a magnificent new puzzle game from from developer Jonathan Blow you come upon challenges by wandering, in a first-person perspective, through the most beautiful island I've ever been to in a video game. The island is densely packed w…
    - -
  • Best Graphics Cards of 2016
    After extensive testing, we've come up with this quick guide to bring you the best graphics card choices available right now, divided into six categories: Best Overall GPU, Best Value Performance, Best Mainstream GPU, Best Budget GPU, Best Compact/H…
    - -
  • Gigabyte P34W v5 Gaming Laptop Review
    The Gigabyte P34W v5 is a fairly typical gaming laptop that sacrifices looks to bring value with decent gaming specs. Powered by an Intel Skylake Core i7-6700HQ CPU and a GeForce GTX 970M GPU, a decent display, and a body that won't be setting any r…
    - -
  • The Five Stages of Video Game Disappointment
    I think it's happened to us all at some point or another: a game you've idolized from afar finally comes out. You boot it up and brace yourself for magic. Hours pass. Magic still hasn't happened. This is... unexpected. That is when you begin your Da…
    - -
  • Google Pixel C Review
    The Pixel C is the first tablet to be fully developed in-house by Google. Not unlike the Chromebook Pixel that runs Chrome OS, with the Pixel line Google means to show off what's possible to build using their software platforms even if it's inpracti…
    - -
  • TechSpot Best of CES 2016
    Here's our selection of the most innovative, promising, or downright cool products we saw during this year's massive show. So without further ado here's the best of CES 2016
    - -
  • 10 Tech Predictions for 2016
    Looking ahead to 2016, I expect we will see changes that, on the surface, also don't seem to amount to much initially, but will actually prove to be key foundational shifts that drive a very different, and very exciting future.
    - -
  • Corsair Carbide 400Q Review
    With its vast experience of case building, Corsair must have foreseen that the Carbide 600C we reviewed last month wouldn't appeal to everyone with its inverted ATX layout, so its counteroffer seems premeditated. The new The Carbide 400 series is a…
    - -
  • VRAM Put to the Test: 2GB vs. 4GB GTX 960 and R9 380, 4GB R9 290 vs. 8GB R9 390
    Since publishing our annual graphics card roundup, we've received several reader inquiries regarding the performance difference between GPUs sporting 2GB and 4GB. We have put together a clock-for-clock comparison of the GeForce GTX 960 and Radeon R9…
    - -
  • Origin PC Omega Review
    The Origin PC Omega is a small, quiet gaming machine that comes in a few different shapes, all of which are based on Silverstone's great line of mini-ITX SFF cases. Our review unit is built on the slim desktop design of the Silverstone RVZ01, which…
    - -
  • The Best PC Games (You Should Be Playing)
    The last couple of years have been a bit of a golden age for PC gaming, producing some incredible games that will be talked about and played for years. But which ones are the best of the best? In our opinion, these are the eight greatest PC games yo…
    - -
  • 4K Monitors: Can you actually see the difference?
    With 4K monitors becoming more and more affordable, it appears that the long-standing reign of 1080p may finally be coming to a close. The question is: can the human eye actually see the difference with a 4K monitor? To answer that question we will…
    - -
  • The 10 Best Things About Building a New Gaming PC
    Building a gaming PC can be time-consuming and stressful. There are a thousand things that could go wrong, and any one of them could wind up costing hundreds of dollars. And yet we do it anyway. Why? Because building PCs is totally awesome.
    - -
  • Best Monitors of 2015
    A good monitor makes all of the difference when you spend several hours a day in front of one, and as we slowly transition into higher resolution panels there's plenty to be excited about right now. After looking at some of the best monitors in the…
    - -
  • Microsoft Surface Book Review
    The Surface Book is one of the most compelling products Microsoft has released in several years and for the first time in decades, the company's first laptop. The Surface Book is an early glimpse into the future of hybrid computing devices.
    - -

Gadget News

  • Tame your cycling gadgets to become a faster rider -
    BikeRadar.comTame your cycling gadgets to become a faster“If you feel tired then you are tired regardless of what a gadget tells you. “Recording fatigue levels daily when waking is useful and can help 'predict' excessive fatigu…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 12:06pm -
  • Is Innovation Moving Away From The Latest Gadgets And Gizmos? - Swarajya
    SwarajyaIs Innovation Moving Away From The Latest Gadgets And Gizmos?SwarajyaRajeev Srinivasan worked for innovative companies such as Bell Labs, Siemens and Sun Microsystems in strategy and product management. He has taught innovation at several IIM…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 11:15am -
  • Kitchen gadgets review: Looseleaf kale stripper – not a natural born kaler - The Guardian
    The GuardianKitchen gadgets review: Looseleaf kale stripper – not a natural born kalerThe GuardianThis is Looseleaf, a gadget designed to “strip a variety of leaves like kale and collard greens from stems”. It's sold by Chef'n, which is a weird…
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 6:27pm -
  • The 10 most anticipated gadgets of 2016 - Stuff
    StuffThe 10 most anticipated gadgets of 2016StuffOne of the great things about the world of gadgets is that it's never static – there's always something new and wallet-baiting on the horizon. And that's very much the case this year. 2016 is going t…
    - 6 days ago 31 Jan 16, 6:22pm -
  • The best (and weirdest) gadgets of 2016 - best (and weirdest) gadgets of international CES 2016 gadget showcase has begun in Las Vegas, and promises to showcase the strangest and most innovative technology the world's biggest companies have to offer.…
    - 10 days ago 27 Jan 16, 10:40am -


  • newGoogle releases Android Studio 2.0 beta with improved developer tools
    Google has just announced that a beta of its Android Studio 2.0 software is now available for download, offering new and improved tools for Android app developers. As the latest version of the IDE (integrated development environment), Android Studio…
    - 21 mins ago 6 Feb 16, 1:00pm -
  • newTwitter deleted 125k (mostly) ISIS accounts over last 6 months
    Twitter has at times been criticized for allegedly allowing extremists' accounts to remain live, though the company regularly squashes those accounts as they surface. In a statement today, Twitter got right at the heart of the matter, saying that sin…
    - 11 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 2:45am -
  • newNetflix orders another three ‘Orange is the New Black’ seasons
    We won’t get the next season of Orange is the New Black until this upcoming summer, but Netflix is already eyeing the future, and that future will include quite a bit more OITNB content. In a statement today, both Netflix and producer Lionsgate ann…
    - 11 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 2:00am -
  • newBearTek Gen II smart gloves are wearable remote controls
    Smartphone-friendly gloves are adequate enough to tap your screen without taking your gloves off, but they’re of limited usefulness, particularly if they’re wet. Enter the BearTek Gen II smart gloves, a pair of ordinary looking gloves that can re…
    - 12 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 1:15am -
  • newSony’s dual-camera system being used by ‘major smartphone players’
    Amidst all the rumors about upcoming smartphones packing dual camera systems, Sony itself has added fuel to the fire. During its third quarter earnings call in the recent past, the company’s chief financial officer Kenichiro Yoshida answered an ana…
    - 13 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 12:30am -
  • newWhatsApp Web now (officially) supports Microsoft Edge
    Workarounds are never fun, but sometimes you’ve got to deal with them. That was the case with WhatsApp Web and Internet Explorer, and later on with Microsoft Edge, too. If you've been using the workarounds or a different browser to compensate, good…
    - 14 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 11:45pm -
  • newMimoco Star Wars PowerBot and PowerTube review
    There used to be a time where I only charged my cell phone every few days, and rarely worried about it actually dying on me. These days, if I don't charge my phone every single night, it will run out of juice before noon on the following day. And if…
    - 14 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 11:44pm -
  • newVirginia grade school’s CubeSat will launch from ISS soon
    A grade school in Virginia will be the first of its kind to send a CubeSat satellite into orbit. The satellite, which was created by students at St. Thomas More Cathedral School in Arlington, was sent to the International Space Station in December 20…
    - 14 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 11:00pm -
  • newThe curious case of the Star Wars family portrait
    What you're about to see is a family portrait that includes Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, and a third family member. We will not tell you who the third member of the family is here, for that would be a spoiler for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We k…
    - 14 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 10:59pm -
  • newNYC to launch parking meter mobile payment app
    By the end of 2016, all parking meters in New York City will support an upcoming mobile payment app, a project we’ve heard mention of in the recent past. There are 85,000 metered parking spots scattered throughout NYC, and according to Mayor de Bla…
    - 15 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 10:15pm -
  • newFCA Kills Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart, SUVs To Be Main Focus
    Fiat Chrysler (FCA) is one of the rare automakers willing to discuss the details of its future product plans, typically covering a five year span of time. This past January FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne revealed that the company intended to make substant…
    - 16 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 9:31pm -
  • newBattery charging tech turns seawater into fresh water
    Researchers with the University of Illinois’ Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering have revealed that battery charging technology could end up being a viable desalination method, turning seawater into fresh water. This process works by p…
    - 16 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 9:30pm -
  • newResearchers add AI to ‘Super Mario’, bring characters to life
    Researchers with Tübingen University’s Cognitive Modeling group added artificial intelligence to Super Mario, bringing the characters to life, at least to a degree, adding social skills and a level of intelligence. The project was led by Professor…
    - 17 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 8:45pm -
  • newPaypal gives Netflix an assist by cutting off VPN provider
    We know that Netflix has started blocking users from utilizing VPN connections to bypass their regional restrictions. While this is mostly a futile effort on their part, it's most likely about appeasing studios than restricting users. But now it seem…
    - 17 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 8:38pm -
  • newWhat is “error 53” on my iPhone all about?
    Today Apple has confirmed that there is, indeed, a trackable reason why some unique users are receiving an "error 53" on their iPhones. It is, apparently, people who have gone out and gotten their devices repaired by non-certified Apple technicians o…
    - 17 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 8:14pm -
  • newNY’s Perch apartment complex sheds 90% of energy burden
    In New York, in Harlem’s Hamilton Heights neighborhood, there’s an apartment complex in the works called Perch that is the first of its kind. Built to “Passive House” standards, the complex is being designed to use between 80% and 90% less en…
    - 17 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 8:00pm -
  • newRobot hits hole-in-one, puts other golfers to shame
    Everyone has something that they're good at. Something that they've practiced for years, and done their best to perfect. And sometimes someone else comes along that's new to whatever that activity is, and puts you to shame. Well, golfers everywhere w…
    - 17 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 7:55pm -
  • newGhostbusters LEGO kit shows off ECTO-1
    There's a new Ghostbusters movie coming out, and it's definitely not the one that we remember from the 80's. This time we've got a whole new gender-swapped cast of misfits who will save the world from ghosts. And to commemorate the upcoming movie, LE…
    - 18 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 7:35pm -
  • newDIY Bullet Time with your smartphone (and a prayer)
    Professional skier Nicolas Vuignier has done an experiment in which he whips his iPhone around his head on a string. As he does so, he films the process. As the process unfolds, slow-motion video captures Vuignier in what's commonly referred to as Bu…
    - 18 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 6:52pm -
  • newNetflix will never release weekly shows, here’s why
    Since I cut my cable back in 2008, I haven't really kept up with a lot of current shows. Instead, I've found that I prefer waiting until the whole thing is finished before jumping on board. Sure, I'm not in the loop with a lot of current shows, but I…
    - 19 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 6:13pm -
  • newAndroid Wear speakers activate today
    Starting this afternoon, Android Wear smartwatches will be able to use their built-in speakers. Just so long as they have them installed. Users who have a Huawei Watch or the ASUS ZenWatch 2 (49mm) will be getting an Android Wear update that may surp…
    - 19 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 5:58pm -
  • newNew Johnny Cash Spider discovered near Folsom Prison
    You might be able to guess right off the bat where the spider "Aphonopelma johnnycashi" got its name. Having been discovered in the desert southwest, right near Folsom Prison in Folsom, California, this particular spider has been named after the musi…
    - 20 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 5:40pm -
  • newInstagram tests multiple account switching on iOS
    I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best with social media. It's not that I don't know how it works, it's more that I just don't care. I've got an Instagram account that I'll use on rare occasions to share a picture or two, but I've got all t…
    - 20 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 5:37pm -
  • newSnow-drifting Porsche’s best cars to test the Re-Fuel GoPro Battery
    When I was a teenager, my morning routine consisted of a panicked, headlong rush down the ice-covered dirt roads that separated my rural ancestral home from the gravel parking lot at my high school. My steed of choice in those days was a decade-old F…
    - 20 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 5:00pm -
  • newApple Stores in Japan will put a screen protector on your iPhone
    One of the most common accessories that users pick up for their smartphones has got to be a screen protector, those clear plastic films that stick to the display to prevent scratches and smudges. Unfortunately, trying to get the protector to line up…
    - 20 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 4:54pm -
  • newUnreal VR lets you become an edit-happy god
    What you're about to witness is the next best example of why virtual reality changes the way we'll perceive the world. Inside the Unreal Engine 4 VR editor, users will be able to manipulate everything around them inside a virtual universe. What's mor…
    - 21 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 4:48pm -
  • newGoblin VR folds flat, fits in your pocket
    Amongst the many mobile VR headsets available in the wild today is a new "Goblin VR" headset, built to Google Cardboard Standard 2.0 and able to fold flat to fit in your pocket. It's simple. It's light. It's made of materials you will feel slightly l…
    - 21 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 4:03pm -
  • newStar Wars book explains Leia’s role in The Force Awakens
    The Force Awakens has been out for a little while now, which means that we've all had time to sit and ponder some of the questions that the movie raised. Thankfully, we're also finally about to start getting some answers. Minor spoilers lie ahead, so…
    - 21 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 3:59pm -
  • newAmazon Echo will now request an Uber too
    Amazon seems to be on roll this week with adding new capabilities to its Echo smart home speaker. First it was ordering pizza for the Super Bowl, then came support for listening to Spotify, and now users can ask digital assistant Alexa to order them…
    - 22 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 3:10pm -
  • new2017 Buick Encore is the Opel Mokka X, set for debut in NYC
    Buick has been working hard over the last year or so to make its brand appealing to younger buyers. Buicks are often thought of as the car your grandma drove, but that is changing with cars like the Avista. Buick is set to unveil another new car that…
    - 23 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 2:00pm -
  • newThis robot chameleon changes colors faster than the real thing
    The future of color-changing body armor may be here, and it's in the form of this chameleon-shaped robot. Researchers from China's Wuhan University took a 3D-printed model (which also resembles a cat, but let's not split hairs) and covered it in plas…
    - 23 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 1:53pm -
  • newGlide video messaging lands on Android Wear
    Smartwatches that run Android Wear are plentiful on the market today and people who use them on a daily basis are always out for new and cool apps and features. The Glide video messaging app is now available on Android Wear devices. The app offers li…
    - 24 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 1:30pm -
  • Rumors claim next Nissan Armada will be the Nissan Patrol
    A nice little rumor is making the rounds concerning what the next Nissan Armada might look like. I would have assumed since the Titan and Armada share the same platform currently, the next Armada would simply look like the front half of the new Titan…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 1:00pm -
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst gets closed beta, new story trailer
    Mirror's Edge Catalyst, a new entry in the first-person action series that debuted the last generation of consoles, has been eagerly awaited since its 2014 announcement. While it was originally scheduled for release this month, publisher Electronic A…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 12:46pm -
  • NEC MultiSync PA322UHD-2 4k monitor supports DisplayPort and HDMI
    NEC has announced a new computer monitor that has a big screen and supports 4k resolution. The monitor is called the PA322UHD-2 and it supports 4K UHD inputs. The connectivity options are what's special about this display; it has a switchable Display…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 12:30pm -
  • Matt LeBlanc joins Top Gear as co-host
    The rumors coming out of the UK about the new Top Gear haven't been flattering. The BBC fired Jeremy Clarkson after an incident involving beating up a man over a steak. Once Clarkson got the boot, his cohorts in the incredibly popular car show left t…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 12:00pm -
  • Elon Musk shares idea for vertical take-off electric plane
    As the CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk is responsible for groundbreaking changes in both the auto and space markets, but he may now be turning his eye towards aviation. When speaking at the Hyperloop Pod competition held over the weekend at T…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 11:46am -
  • GoodBye Message App lets you say so long after you’re gone
    There are lots of people around the world who have lost loved ones unexpectedly and know the kind of pain that comes from not getting to say goodbye to the person who died. I'm sure there are also lots of people out there who worry about suddenly dyi…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 11:30am -
  • Remember the Milk 4.0 hits (almost) all platforms, price change
    Before the likes of Todoist and Wunderlist were hip, there was Remember the Milk. Named after one of the most common errand to be done (next to getting the eggs), RTM, as it became to be known, become the todo list app. SInce then, however, it has be…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 11:00am -
  • Apple might soon accept broken iPhones for trade-in
    Apple has long accepted older iPhones, sometimes even non-iPhones, to be traded in for some monetary value towards buying a new device. Initially launched as a way to "reuse and recycle", the trade-in program has since then expanded to entice owners…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 10:30am -

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